What are some things you LIKE about America?

Discussion in 'General' started by jacktown, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. You always hear on the news and other places about how shitty it is in the US: the gov't corrupt, the healthcare system is a joke, how the country is being overtaken by religious nut bags, etc.

    But what about the good stuff? What do you like about the good ol US of A? What are some thing going on here that are awesome to see/experience/enjoy?
  2. freedom to own weapons
  3. Thought really hard for about 5 minutes. Looked outside a few times. Can't think of anything.
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    geographically we have some beautiful places. like national forests, mountain ranges, deserts, rivers. but sooner or later they too will be destroyed due to some form of industry.
  5. Friends and family live here
  6. Depending how ignorant you are, its not all that bad I guess. As far as day to day life, I think most people have it pretty well. We have electricity, food, shelter, clean water, probably the internet. The only good thing about America is the people in it, not the government, not politics, not everyone taking advantage of the system. just normal, working, hopefully productive members of society. Other than that, fuck it.
  7. most of the people, the scenery and landscape, the amount of things to do, capitalist economy, etc

  8. the people suck for the most part... but its not their fault, they're just sheep being led by their shepherds (media/church/pitiful school system).
  9. I fancy being able to hop on my longboard and cruise a blunt around my area...pretty safely.

    I like that i can kill some bastard who is actually attacking me.

    I like that i can research almost anything of any subject for the time being.

    I like the mountains and streams and the beauttifullll fall weather.
  10. The Doritos Loco taco. God bless the US and A! ;)
  11. I like knowing I'm safe, never mind our government is killing us slowly ...cross that off the list..

    I like the creative people here, the music, culture ect..oh yeah and the weed here in sunny California.. THAT'S IT
  12. Nba.
    Booty shorts.

  13. yuck you live in california? man i'd hate the US if i had to live there again too lol
  14. Rocky motha fucking Mountains

    Medical Marijuana, soon to be recreationally legal in my state (hopefully)



  15. Freedom to protest
    Freedom of Religion
    American muscle cars
    American Folk Music
    And certain pharmaceutical advancements that came from Berkley :)
    Rocky mountains
    Smoky mountains
    yellow stone
    grand tetons.
  16. Sports.
    College bitches.
    The weed.
    Unrestricted internet...for meow. :(
  17. hmm well seriously:

    The people (especially black people)
    the womenz
    the music
    the oceans (especially east coast)

    And everyone's general sense of caring for one another. Yeah sometimes bad shit happens and it hits the news and makes everyone think we're all sheep/pissed off/stupid/going to die, but we forget that alot of us really care for eachother even if it doesnt feel that way.

    Except for the ignorant bible-thumpin rednecks that seem to represent us in the world. They can GTFO
  18. Let's not forget America is the birth place of country, blues, rock and rap.
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    The fact that I don't hear explosions outside and that nobody has attempted to hack me to death with a machete for being born in a certain region of the country.

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