what are some things you do to freak out your friends when they're baked?

Discussion in 'General' started by liljeff420, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. one time my friends did this thing where one of them pretended to put a fish bowl over my head and then all three of them started moving their lips like they were talking but they werent saying anything so i thought i was in a soundproof fishbowl and everything else just went silent and i was freaked out. then they did this thing where they all started saying eleven really weird and i just started laughing my ass off. also i made one up myself that i havnt tried yet but while theyre in the bathroom or something u change the mouse settings on their computer to really slow and when they get back and say something about it being slow u start talking slow saying "you must be tripping out man" what are some things you and your friends have done to freak each other out? also do you like my idea?
  2. hahah thats such an old trick omg that and the rope around your neck old shit

    good first thread ;) well i never freak or trip out my friend but my best friend *calvin* he is the trippiest mother fucker ever man he will just stare at you randomly and start getting close and closer you know even the first time you smoke with him h will just make you feel like your in a dream with all the random and retarded shit going on
  3. This one time I tazered my friend, tied him up, put a burlap sac over his head, threw him in the trunk of my car, drove out to the middle of the woods and dragged him out to a ditch I had dug beforehand.

    I pulled the burlap sac off his head and put a blank firing gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

    He went into cardiac arrest and unfortunately died on the spot.

    Luckily I had dug that hole beforehand.

    There was also this one time I stabbed a hooker to death in a motel bed then drugged my friend and put him in bed next to her.

    You should've seen the look on his face when the cops were putting the handcuffs on him...fucking priceless.
  4. liljeff - perfect first post & thread. +rep buddy!!

  5. This isnt directly to my friends but i like to wait by a garbage can in NYC until someone throws them away then look right into their eyes and say "Thank you for your deposit." It rlly throws em off
  6. Eh, I was fooled by that stuff when I was 15, it just seems silly now... but me and Pete seems to have the same idea of fun.
  7. I don't know about you buy my friends are not immature douchebags. If one of them tried to "freak me out" I most likely would not hang around them any more, thus no longer a friend.

    I have a sense of humor, but what friend intentionally fucks with you to freak you out, losing your high and spoiling your good time? Douchebag friends. Lose them or sooner or later you too will become a douchebag.

    btw Welcome to the Citah!
  8. Yea, because its definitely worth loosing a friendship over a silly joke. Grow up.
  9. I did that to a kid during freshman year of college. He got pissed and took it to IT. I waited til he got back to tell him.

    One thing I did was while my friends were tripping on mushrooms. I'm straight and I'm driving them back to this kid's house. On the way, I pulled into the parking lot of the police station and parked. I'm like, "Okay, get out"...They were freaking! It sounds a little mean, but it was like 11:00 PM, we live in a tiny, tiny town, and the whole incident lasted like thirty seconds.
  10. Get hundreds of papper dots from a hole puncher and pour them in the back of their car's dash into the vents, when they turn the car on they'll all shoot out of the AC for a big wtf moment.

    Or you can tinfoil everything.
  11. My friend will sometimes walk right up to you and will open his eyes really wide and just look at you. Then he'll move his head towards you and away from you and side to side and shit... when youre really baked it looks so fucking trippy man.

    I'm always like hey man do that trippy shit you always do whenever were baked but he won't do it when you ask him... he's a weird kid man :smoke:

    And dirtypete I wouldnt mind tokin up with you a couple times man haha

    edit: oh and you could always change the desktop on your friends computer to this

  12. haha
    i have this lighter that lights up blue and red when you open it up, looks identical to the blue n red on top of a cop car, we were smokin a blunt on the highway, late at night, i busted out this lighter and my friend totally freaked out and ended up tossing the blunt, it was priceless, but we ended up losing like half a blunt of dank
    i still think it was worth it.
  13. nothin. thats messed up. i HATE people messin with my high so i dont do it to them. "its bad karma to fuck with the stoned" - Hunter S. Thompson
  14. you could also get a balloon and suck the helium out of it when your friend isnt looking and start talking to him like that.
  15. i can read lips, 85 percent of the time, i can get every word
    so sound proof or not, it does not matter to me :D
  16. Usually when my friends are baked..... i'm baked too..... So we try to avoid the freak-outs..... its a real buzzkill... and weed's too damn expensive to waste fixing that kill

    but thats just me

  17. Thats just some good clean fun right there.:)
  18. rant about forced sodomy.

    actually that freaks everyone out.
  19. nice try dude i already seen that before but i will try it on my friends when theyre baked

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