what are some things you do better when your high?

Discussion in 'General' started by lindsay711, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Or worst?
    When i smoke i love to draw and i think i do way better when im high xD
    i'll post some examples at the end to prove my epicness
    Uh i also do WAY better in video games after i smoke. COD ghosts like i go crazy O_O i went 18 and 2...and i think thats super awesome so yea.
    i cook alot better when im high...i wonder why...xD
    Things i absolutly cant do when im baked is math, work, do my makeup...stop eating...xD
    So what are somethings your guys do better or worst at when your high?
    [​IMG]Zombie hat is epic
    [​IMG] yea more zombie Apocalypse related shit xD
    [​IMG] this is old but i like the shading on the dress so w.e

  2. When sober my sitting in the chair skills are a 5 at best. But when I'm high it's at least a 9.
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  3. I'm way better at driving lol

    Worst at spitting game.

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  4. I listen to music better. Sober, I have to really focus to hear all the instruments being used, but when I'm high, it's much easier.
    I can also come up with more ideas when I'm high.
    I absolutely can not be active when I'm high. Walking is too hard.
  5. play guitar, listen to music, ea, drink are the first things that come to mind
  6. [quote name="danksmokekmk" post="19346708" timestamp="1389817953"]I'm way better at driving lolWorst at spitting game.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app[/quote]Lol same here for bothOnly, i dont spit game per se, but im the worst when a guy tries to talk to me after i've smoked...happened today in class actually. So embarrassing 😣Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Everything gets better
    but I really play the guitar better. I play it pretty well when 'm sober, but when I'm stoned I'm a lot more innovative. A lot faster, and a lot more technical
  8. I concur with this fellow.
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  10. Geetar and forgetting thoughts that were just there 2 seconds ago.
  11. Life
    And taking a shit
    Weed keeps me regular to both.
  12. Im a Pastry Chef, im more organised and can have several recipes on the go when I'm at work lol. I create some of the best recipes when I'm high.

    Video games, better when high. I zone right in! Driving (i don't drive high anymore) i used to drive like way under the speed limit be super cautious but if I was on a highway I would often miss my exit due to being deep in thought lol! Basicly most things are done better when high, seems far more enjoyable.The one thing I do suck at is watching tv shows/movies cause I constantly forget whats happening lol! I always have to ask wtf is going on?

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  13. Not everything you failed to see this thread is 5 years old lol
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  14. I’m wakin em all up. To much junk on this site
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  15. Better things
    Make music

    Worse things
    Think logically

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