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what are some things that make you mad in the cannabis society?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by quantumhaze, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. i cant stand un reliable dealers. specially when i even offer to throw an extra 40 for gas and the distance is only 15 mins. plua i offer to smoke him out and give him some free nugs for the trouble.
    i also cant stand those who just show off all their bud and just waste it. be grafeful for what you have, some of us arnt so lucky and need it.for serious problems. anyone else have anything that just makes them want to explode in anger?
    Fools that always try to lie to make themselves look cool.
    This guy I used to chill with back in senior year of high school would always say some bullshit.
    "Oh, I got this hugeass bong. It's like the size of a yard stick." Of course whenever I brought it up he would change the subject... CAUSE THAT SHIT DIN' EXIST!
    "I got some hash on me bro." He didn't actually have hash. What he pulled out was a dirty as socket wrench piece and tried to front like the gunk in there was hash.
    "I got this drink that'll make you super high." He didn't have a drink that made you super high. What he had was a bullshit story, a gatorade and a fucking battery. Again, this nigga tried to tell me that the "stuff" was inside the battery and dropped it into the bottle and told me to drink.
    Stupid as fuck.
    Also, dealers that flake on you at the last minute because they smoke all their shit.
  3. How society looks down on cannabis users
  4. That's some crazy stuff there. What gets me mad if ever is those people who didn't buy anything or help in any way, shape or form start complaining about the bud and how it's not near the quality they get yet somehow never have any.
    Wooooooorrrd!  :angry:
  6. Lots are probably gonna disagree, but I don't like when people who try to make cannabis into a hardcore drug.
    Dabs come to mind. 
  7. we all know one.od those bs smokers lol i can ser why dabs but i prefer imo only thing i really likeabout dabs is the flavors you get
  8. I don't like the people that spread the mindset that the more you smoke and the higher you get the "cooler" you are.   I really don't give a shit that you smoke all day everyday.  I'm happy with the 4 hits from my vape.
  9. I hate the general outlook of it. Just like that it's considered dirty and so taboo. And people just judge and don't realize tokers aren't all jokers. People need to wake up. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. Know it all stoners. They take all the fun out of smoking.
  11. - The laws and restrictions
    - How it's considered a "dangerous" drug
  12. That women usually are looked at as doing it for attention when we smoke weed.
  13. Ugh when people sell joints for five bucks a piece and they're filled with trim. It's like a direct insult
  14. Fiends. I mean, weed use being somewhat of a lifestlye for me, there's technically lots of things about it I don't like. But fiends drive me nuts. Especially when they're assholes. I'll have people who clearly don't know their shit but are trying to sound impressive talk me up for hours and in the process smoke my weed. When I first started smoking, I let people somewhat take advantage of me because I didn't know enough about smoking. I thought it was normal to share/smoke people out. But as I grew more experienced as a stoner, I saw those people's bullshit for what it was. I promptly cut connections with them or just denied their attempts to get at my weed haha
  15. People who re nig on the sack, get dramatic when they smoke, or people who think their way of getting high is all that really works foreal
  16. I forgot about them, u gotta watch out for blunt chasers in tn
  17. These dealers are gonna be lookin stupid when weed is eventually legalized. You got some many bandwagon idiots tryin to deal today and they don't know what their doin. I been through to many dealers in my life and finally found a perfect ass dealer. Shit I would never even ask them to deliver to me I would drive and meet them wherever even their house but couldn't get their lazy ass of the couch to open the door for some money-__- if you can't even be a decent weed man what do you have to even offer ? What I've learned There's to many dudes tryin to deal on the side for a lil extra money and don't take it seriously because they don't really need the money therefore their gonna do thing on their time and when and if they feel like it. You gotta find people who genuinely love bud and most of all LOVE money. If your messin with someone who doesn't really need the money they won't be as reliable. But shit,mess with some dude who wants money no matter how much$15 or $200 that's the good ones. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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