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what are some things i can do to increase effects?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by JJmatix, May 20, 2010.

  1. because the last two edibles i ate didnt do anything..should i drink anythin special before or after ingestion, and should i dirnk it on an empty stomach?
  2. Take more if there the real deal they should work
  3. make sure when taking edibles that you haven't had a meal in at least 2-3 hours or so depending on your metabolism and such. taking them on an empty stomach will help them digest much faster and thusly yield greater effects ;)

    Do you know how much material and of what quality is in each edible? What are the edibles?
  4. Lol watch him eat 3 edibles in 30 minutes then be fuckin blasted in an hour.

    how long did you wait? edibles take awhile to take effect.
  5. haha its been done. a friend of mine took a single cookie of SWIM's last batch and actually got pretty sick, but there was about 7/6 g of decent Vermont outdoors in each cookie and she only weighs about 115 to my 170, so its sort of no surprise, as another friend of my weight got mild visuals.

    edibles, like anything else, can affect everyone differently.
    in SWIM's case, very mild effects are often felt within 15-25 minutes after ingestion, just enough to know that the cookies were of the 'special' variety, and not simply bunk.

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