What are some tell-tale signs between US and DE roors?

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  1. SO my friend recently bought an orange label roor and its pretty fucking sweet if i dont say so myself haha but we want to figure out whether its .de or .us. I know the way the diffuser is is a dead give away BUT when he bought his roor he was able to pick which downstem he wanted and he grabbed a .us one. this is the only picture i have of it . . .

    BTW its name is Kaiser ROORange :D

  2. Not to knock your friends new piece but something about the sig screams fake. I'll wait till some other ppl give their opinion but i leaning towards fake.
  3. hmm eek. He bought it in Providence Rhode Island at some headshop. I've never been there but its a legit headshop. It would really REALLY suck if its fake, but even if it is it hits like a champ :p
  4. The sig is unlike anything ive ever seen. The bowl also looks different from the stock roor bowl altho it could be aftermarket it looks sketchy. my friend got some glass in providence and it turned out to be a fake. (dummy didnt look for the sig.) just becareful what you buy without a good examination
  5. thats 100% percent fake.... sorry man, the fakes are starting to get harder to notice these days
  6. that is fake. but you cannot buy a .de roor in an american headshop unless you live in florida so that is the answer to your question
  7. oooooh fuck, he's gunna be so pissed. Just wondering how exactly could you tell it was a fake? I definitely wouldnt want to get fucked again but do you think there is anyway to go back to the headshop and be like wtf?
  8. that sig looks fake and the angle of the joint does not looks off for a roor. if you could get a better pic of the joint we could give you a better reason, but that tube def. looks fake. you could go back ot the headshop, maybe you get lucky and can actually present your case, odds are they won't care
  9. yea man that sucks, as soon as i saw the sig i got the shitty feeling. also the beaker shape is off and the joint looks weird. get a shot of the mouthpiece and the joint to be sure.
  10. alright im going home this weekend and i actually just broke the news to him. He's gunna be pissed but we'll go back to the store and make a nice little scene till we get something in return haha
  11. So the RooRs with the Dots as a sig are fake? I have a Little Sistah with the same sig. And what headshop in Florida sells German RooRs?

    Personally, I think that this isnt fake, and it's just a US RooR. I've seen some fake RooRs, but the big difference in the ones I've seen and the one above is that the fake I saw had a reversed logo.
  12. what is the name of the store to avoid any more rip offs....also make sure it is clean

  13. a little light at the end of the tunnel. . . thank god lol
  14. who cares if its a roor if its thick and hits good the its a good piece not the name on the side
  15. ^^ thats what me and my friend are saying cause it really does rip us apart BUT the name of the shop is Holy Smokes
  16. The only fake Roor's that I have seen have had that dot signature. US Roor sigs are usually to the bottom left of the joint if you look at it face on. German Roor's willl have the sig above the joint.

    edit: the shop in FL that stocks .de tubes/customs is Laughing Buddha...got mine there.
  17. ROOR bongs photo gallery

    scroll down a little bit on that page and a bong exactly like that is posted. not sure if this guy is an expert or just a roor enthusiasts but here is what he said:

    "Made in the USA from the looks of it. . . Roor Germany only used orange on one tube that was a numbered special edition. They do not offer that color even on customs."
  18. I thought you said he picked up a .us downstem? That would have slits not holes like the one pictured.

  19. the us ones have holes too just not as many ( i think)

    too bad about your bong the base and joint do look pretty sketchy to me...

    hope it hits good though:D
  20. Ppl need to stop saying you CANT get a de roor in a shop in the states. Oviously it'll be very hard to find one but ive seen a few. Chico Kush has a de icemaster with a de pillbottle a/c for sale at their shop plus other places ive seen. Sure there will be more fake roors than real de's in the states but that doesnt mean they dont exist.

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