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What are some stores that sell blacklight posters?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by bakeandskate, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. I know Spencers has some. I bought a Scarface poster from there but there wasn't really any more that I liked. Does anyone know where else they might have them? Any chance at a store such as walmart? Thankss
  2. Allposters.com
  3. thanks but I'm looking for stores that I can go to, not really online
  4. I suggest not buying the blacklight posters at spencers. Everyone has them. Go through the extra trouble and get them online here:

    Lead Pipe Vintage Art and Music Posters

    Go to the blacklight section, these are vintage from the 70's and much trippier.
  5. Hi
    Once Check out buildaposter.com/..Here you can get some blacklight posters ...
  6. fuck me thoughs are expensive posters lol but fucking nice
  7. Try the website: Flash Intro Page

    I believe it is the largest private collection of vintage 1960s blacklight posters in the world. There are also complete sets of Bill Graham and Family Dog rock concert posters, and a bunch of other sixties memorabilia.

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