What are some quality mp3 players? Looking to sell my touch.

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  1. I have an 8gb iPod touch and it's not cutting it. I'd like something simple that will hole all my music, looking for like 30gb+ in black for not too much money. It sucks having to choose what music I bring with me. My touch is nice for everything BUT music, it's cheap ass headphone jack is also fucked up so I can't use it with headphones.

    So GC, what do you use?

    Edit: I was thinking maybe zune? Or an iPod classic off ebay/craigslist.
  2. Bump, nobody has any input?
  3. I hope somebody does. If this was still 2005 I'd say Creative makes great products, but I'm behind the times nowadays. I don't have an mp3 player anymore, and want one as well, but don't want an i-anything, ever.
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    wait for the next zunes to come out if you don't want another touch..
    i use a 32gb ipod touch 4g
    it cool, the pic quality is bad sometimes when indoors but the hd video cam is pretty good
  5. Thing is I don't really want anything fancy, which is why I'm selling my touch.

    I think I may just find an iPod classic for cheap, which can fit all my music. Simple and does the trick.
  6. That's your best option.
  7. What are your capacity needs? I got a 8gb Fuze (RockBoxed) and an 8gb MicroSD card for less than $100. The Fuze has FM radio, great battery life, and about the best sound quality I've heard from a portable.

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