What are some principles that you live by?

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    Was recently learning about Ben Franklin and his contributions to the United States in its early years..
    and of coarse i came across his principles that he followed. So it brought me to question what are my principles? Do other people have principles they try to live by and follow? I would hope so, but some seem as if they don't and are being carried by the wind.

    Some of the things i try to live by:
    - Treat everyone with the same respect and attention that i would want from them. Treat people like human beings.
    - Share more in the thought of sharing, not in the thought of getting something in return.
    - Don't hook up with my friend's ex's.
    - Apply myself a 100% to things that i enjoy.
    - You can always learn something from someone.
    - Live each day and moment like it is the last of its kind.

    Not sure if these are all classified as principles, but they are all stuff i try to live by. Im curious what some of the city lives by, and maybe i can live by that idea also soo...
    What are some things that you live by?
  2. Keep it fun.
  3. 0 regrets & take the "bad" times as they are, without them you wouldn't know a Good one
  4. Knowledge is power.
  5. I've learned through a tough life lessons two principles that I now try and live by:

    1. Patience
    2. Don't take people or things for granted.
  6. have fun, don't worry, don't lie unless the situation reeeealllllyy warrants it (i.e. WHY ARE YOUR EYES RED??? "allergies")
  7. Do no harm.
  8. Eye for an eye - or do unto others as they've done to you.
  9. there are some nice ones in this thread already.
    heres some:

    -Do as much kindness as you can before you die.
    -Dont leave business unfinished.
  10. Do or Die
    Death before Dishonor
    Live Free or Die Hard
    Be true to thyself
    Keep it 100 in every venture
    Stay open
  11. Anything which can be conceived, can be achieved.
    Do what you need to do, no more, no less.
  12. one that hasn't been mentioned - The Bro Code
  13. Arms open.

    I will do what brings me pleasure in as much moderation as I can enforce and so long as it takes nothing significant from another life that isn't given willingly.
  14. the power is in the people and the politics we address
    • Humility
    • Moderation
    • Love
    • Intuition
    • Optimism
  15. "I'm just trying to make my tomorrows better than my yesterdays without hurtin anyone else in the process" Murs
  16. Give respect, get respect

    give back as much as you take

    never live different to be with a girl that doesnt approve..........unless shes horny 24/7

  17. :love:

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