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What are some of your hobbies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silemanx, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I've always wondered what some of the hobbies were of my fellow stoners. Do you have things to do only when you're high? Do you volunteer? I like to draw ridiculous comics and play a few instruments. I recently started jogging too! What do you guys like to do?
  2. Smoke weed.
  3. Well, that's the one thing we all share in common! What else do we do for fun?
  4. i smoke, drink, and think out loud.
  5. Computers in general, women, food, white russians
  6. I like to build/fix computers for friends and myself, along with working on cars, both new and old, and I enjoy spending hours on end studying random, seemingly trivial information across the ends of Wikipedia, which I later use to as conversation fodder with friends, or any unsuspecting customers at work when it's slow going.
  7. I like to read history books and think of new conspiracy theories that will create controversy.
  8. Masturbate atleast 3 times a day. Or think of Ways a zombie apocalypse would go down.
  9. Photography, Video Games, Smoking weed, mini hikes .
  10. Modding/tuning cars, cooking, reading, and drawing are all good hobbies of mine.
  11. Guitars, gaming, and sex.
  12. Working out, playing video games, drinking, smoking weed, I used to skateboard, and I used to play this hella nerdy game called Warhammer 40k. Im a pretty dorky guy sometimes. Oh and i like building and modding computers. Who says stoners are boring and stupid?
  13. Rat Hunting, splitting firewood, and basically any thing destructive, and :smoke:
  14. Exercising, Collecting Music (Vinyl, CD's), Forums learning about musical history, Smoke Weed, Research Information on the net. I want to learn how to play the guitar, once I save up enough I'll buy a Fender Stratocaster, had an acoustic Blue Gibson but only thing it did was bring me splinters.
  15. I love video games, learning (Biology in specific), outdoors (gardening, camping, enjoying scenery), and i like computer hardware.
  16. I like drawing, modding/repairing video game consoles, and educating myself on the subject of marijuana.
  17. i like to sit at home and jack off for hours on end. Occasionally i have friends over and have 12 hour jack off sessions.
  18. I'm an amateur photographer and digital developer, so I spend a lot of time doing that. I hike a lot, I'm one of those crazy roadie cyclists, spandex and all, and I read a ton (the English lit major in me doesn't want to die). I also teach myself weird shit: lockpicking, sign language, knife sharpening. Sort of an autodidact.
  19. Drumming, playing video games, reading non-fiction, watching movies, going to the gym.
  20. Alcohol and weed are good hobbies of mine. I like gaining new knowledge on both subjects. Every day I get more knowledgeable.
    Also I LOVE to play video games (sober or not). I know so much about them and keep up to date on reviews and such it is not even funny.

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