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what are some of your favorite seed companies??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by kayakush, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. hey, wanted to know what people thought of all the seed companies out there and there genetics. i personally like reserva privada, dutch passion, dna genetics, cali connect, g13, sensi, barneys and a few others. what are some of your favorites?
  2. Regs: Mr Nice, Reservoir, TGA Subcool, Mandala, Cali Connection.

    Fem: Femaleseeds, Sweet Seeds, DNA, Barney's Farm, Dutch Passion.

    Auto flowering: World Of Seeds, Sweet Seeds.

    Probably lots more but I'm far to baked :smoking:
  3. Fav breeders include

    TGA, Cali Connection, anything sold @ Sannies, Gage Green, Next Generation, Femaleseeds, Mandala, DNA/RP (for now, but they're starting to flakeout),Bodhi, Mr Nice, & rez
  4. What's DNA doing that I don't know about?
    That's where my Chocolope lives :hello:

    If they are screwing round over there I'll buy a mega pack for storage...

    What up, do tell?
  5. Thanks for the note. Am buying, before someone fucks with the mix...

  6. I know the regular beans are gone, and don't seem to ever be coming back.

    I'm a TGA, Bodhi, OG Raskal, and Gage Green fan as of last year with Bodhi leading the pack.
  7. its funny i justed ordered chocolpe fem seeds

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