What Are Some Of Your Faverite Strains To Grow?

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  1. i currently have whitewidowx bigbud and northernlights x skunk but they havent sprouted yet xD
    so what are some of the best strains you've grown? and how high is the THC level and how many grams did you get from the harvest? (if u dont mind me askin :3)
    How are autoing weed plants? never had 1 before.

  2. I think you'll have better luck asking this in the growing sections.
  3. Yeah you would get more reply's in the growing section. But I'm loving this RQS Special Queen. She's being a little bitch but I can't complain when you have growth like I'm seeing on her. I have a skunk thats working on breaking off the seed shell so I'm excited for that too! 
    Before this I used bagseeds so I never knew the strain but bagseeds grow dank none the less. :smoking:
    Your queen's stem looks like it was damaged but I cant tell from your pic (saw it in sick plant questions)
    - Platiunum OGK was my dankest strain grown thus far.
    Soon to be added after harvest:
    -GirlScout cookies (lookin bomb, check it in my plant pic thread)
    -Afrodite (can also be found in that thread)
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    That's a bummer. That's what I was thinking idk from what though because it sprouted like that. Do you think I should just let it go and see what happens? Or do something about it? They're going outside eventually so weak stems will be bad.
    And Girl Scout Cookies? You lucky bastard lol.
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    Shiiit. I would use a small twig and very thin string to help support it but make it loose to so it can still grow tall. It's soo young that adding nutes at this stage could prove to be detrimental to the plant's growth. If you can keep her inside under a good light source for at least a week or until she recovers , I would. Idk what your temps are like outside, but mine are in the 105-107 range :eek:
    And yes GSC :) I think it'll be my most flavorful strain yet!
  7. God damn those temps are high! Haha. Yeah I wasn't even thinking about nutes yet. Shes way too young. So do you think maybe a toothpick on the edge of the cup with a string attached so that the plant is standing straight up? It's either that or leave it how it is now. If I leave it with no supports it leans to far down. And it's gonna be inside until it gets it's 3rd or 4th set of leaves. Temps are usually around the 80's occasionally hitting 90.
    Do you have a grow journal? I would love to see that GSC in action.
    Yes temps and high energy costs in CA are part of the reason I don't have an HPS yet. I might switch during winter though as my HPS can double as a heater at night. The toothpick thing will keep her braced, excellent idea Ganj :D ! Dude you know what you're doing. High 80's shouldn't be too much of an issue. 90's and above are where u have to be cautious.
    My "grow journal" is my plant pic thread in my sig. I haven't updated much due to the Iphone app not being out and my Galaxy tablet taking shitty pics lol. But you can check it out man. Pics don't do the plants justice though, you can't smell the dankness or feel the density lol
  9. Yeah I've heard of people venting the hot air from their grow cab back into their house to provide heat. Sounds like a good idea provided you have a good carbon filter setup. Yeah whenever I transplant outside I'm going to try to make it a week ahere temps are high 70's - low 80's. Well I'm gonna do this toothpick thing, let's hope I don't mess up lol.
    And yeah adding pics is a pain without the app. I have to eamil them to myself then upload to photobucket. I'll check you that thread though. And yeah I wish I could smell the nugs, when are we gonna get smell-o-vision.  :smoking:

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