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What are some of the least harmful cigarettes?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by hey, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. I know it might sound like an oxymoron, but I'd like to know. I smoke around two cigarettes a day (Been doing this for about two months), but part of me wants to feel a little less guilty. I usually smoke Camel Lights or Spirit Ultra Lights. Does smoking lights reduce my chance for addiction and the plethora of health problems related to smoking, or is it all just a hoax? Are there any cigarettes out there that don't shred your lungs as much?
  2. Apparently if you smoke lights you subconciously take bigger drags and smoke more often, so it evens out. I saw an ad for American Spirits that said that they are non addictive.
  3. No, lights do not decrease the harmful risks associated with smoking. In fact Phillip morris got sued over this a while ago and now have to start putting new warnings on light cigarettes.
  4. You missread, there have no additives, there just straight tobacco, unlike most cigarettes.

    American Spirits are the least harmful, newports are the worst =p

    But two a day wont make to much of a difference, your lungs clean them selves, but if you smoke a pack a day, they dont have the time to clean them. So theoretically, smoking 2 cigarettes cant be too bad.

    I dont know if that made sense, im pretty baked:smoking:

  5. Ports are the worst?! :eek: That's what I smoke...

  6. Yah, i smoke them to! They have the most nicotine, most additives, and also have fiber glass in them. :( but yet they are THE BEST ever.

  7. Fuuuck. Funny thing I was thinking about quitting again before I start up my second year of college. $8.15 a pack on top of all my other school, living, and transportaion expenses is too much.

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