what are some good ways of getting rep

Discussion in 'General' started by Marianas, May 8, 2011.

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  1. like what would you put in a post for it to have the most rep gaining potential?
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  2. dont kno if srs
  3. give me rep
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  4. a member with high rep said "there are things i can say if i want rep"

    i want to know what things he could say
  5. Trench.



  6. stop trying to gain and you will get.

    don't put on an "I want rep" facade and go around trying to get it.

    speak your mind in your posts and if folks like what you say you'll get some
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  7. i dont think people like me here because ive been doing that

  8. interesting...
  9. Do not be confrontational. Be honest. Smoke weed. Be kind. Try to help.

    Oh yeah, smoke weed.
  10. some people just can't wield the mighty rep bars' power.
  11. Drop all ego.

  12. ok, i dont try to be confrontational but sometimes people think i am.

    am i honest? idk maybe

    smoke weed i know for sure i do

    and i try to help people all the time but sometimes they're too dumb to get it and they get all mad. i feel like im the parent trying to teach a bunch of bratty kids sometimes and im not even an old person lol.... oh yea and im high
  13. If people are too "dumb", drop your ego, imho.
  14. sucking some mod-cock

    jk.. give to the society, in this case grasscity.

  15. haha its like i instinctively feel like i dont tell people that

    like you know how you go to parties or wherever to try to hook up with girls and you keep thinking about how retarded they are but you dont say it

    idk if thats a good analogy
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    rep doesn't fucking matter, but..

    provide amusement for the people
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  17. just do the exact opposite of what you've done with this thread and you should be good ;)

  18. well i created this thread which compiles a list of things to put in a post to get rep, i think i deserve rep for that.
  19. Got some from me for it.
  20. well this thread is of no use to use.. post something that would enlighten us about the universe
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