What are some good pennystocks?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by dreambaby, May 28, 2019.

  1. I have no idea what you're talkin' about right now.
  2. stock advice, penny stocks are cheap risky stocks
  3. Huh. oh. I'm only in a bit of crypto that'll hopefully be something down the line...though have thought about stocks. Shit just spend $50 on some brand new ones here and there...unless you've got the worst luck in the world you'll hit a few good ones.
  4. Have you not seen wolf on wall street????? Dont do it. Lol no idea
  5. Penny stocks are cheap for very good reasons. Think about investing in something like a bodega. Let me tell you about it: it’s for sale and it’s cheap! It’s also dirty, empty of customers, the shelves are half empty and have been so for a while, roadwork has been blasting the street and sidewalk for months with no end in sight; the storefront has peeling paint and a sign the reads “redoost prices!”. The city is close to seizing the property for back taxes and health violations. The current owner is wildly optimistic about the bodega’s potential, he’d never sell but he needs cash fast to pay his sick aunt’s hospital bills. Face it. It’s a piece of shit. That’s why it’s cheap. So, so cheap. A shill buyer is in the wings if you don’t act now. Hell, the phony buyer might pay even more than the owner wants. Better buy it NOW. Still interested? Don’t buy penny stocks, it’s a suckers play. I worked on “the street” (Wall) for 25 years.

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  6. none.

    If you invested conservatively at any point in the market's history and held for enough time, you'd have made money. *conservatively means you've diversified and not bought high risk stock or in high risk industries (tech, oil, other commodities).
  7. No offence to dreambaby, original poster, I like you and I believe what my third grade teacher taught me, that no question is a dumb question. But funny is funny and I have to say it. You're asking for financial advice on a marijuana forum called "high ideas." I love this.
  8. I have no clue how to even operate the stock market website properly. But, when canada leagalized a cannibis all cannibis companys were about $0.20 a stock. I checked awhile ago and there were some up to $6.00. Not sure now but maybe more. Not sure if it was even invest-able. Feel like i could have made it big on first investment but just had no clue what is what, if its buy able, if you can invest from other countries, or anything like that.
  9. At Schwab you can start a account with$100 i think. No fee if you invest in there mutual fund that mirrors the S&P 500. You can set it up so you can transfer money from your bank. Did this year's ago and have made money every year
  10. Find the stocks that dole out constant news. Doesn't matter what they do, one of the releases will hit and the price will spike. It's more interesting than gambling.
  11. The only penny stock I see some potential in is Choom Holdings (NSDQ:CHOOF). Choom has a ton of dispensaries in Canada and are expanding. Which I don't mind seeing since I bought around 70 cents. I'm a bear and will hold onto my shares indefinitely.

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