What are some good ash catchers/inline perc attachments?

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    I need to purchase a new attachment and my old one was a name brand ash catcher/in line perc. I'm in the $120-150 range for what I'm willing to spend does anyone know anything good? A honeycomb disc perc looks incredible but I can't seem to find one anywhere.

    Also the size is 14mm by 14mm, I can't seem to find any good 14mm attachments.

    Basically I want something in the mid range, no Illadelph a/c for sure but I don't want some low quality glass.
  2. yea its hard finding 14/14. i've seen non-brand double honeycomb 14/14 a/c on ioffer though. at worst you can use an adapter.
  3. Check out My Glass Planet (MGP) and tell him what you want, he could probably work something out for you. He has a thread around here somewhere...
  4. How would you like something like this?


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