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What are some cheap, very quick easy ways to make edibles

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by EarlOfLemonKush, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Need a quick easy way. No waiting 3 days for it to sit or whatever. I can't put anything in the coffee maker.
  2. Put butter in a pot, throw your weed in, let it simmer for like 30 minutes on low and then strain out the weed.

    You're looking for the easy route, instead of just sucking it up and doing the labor. If you want reward, you must put forth effort first.

    There's no magical secret recipe that's uber easy, thc is fat/alcohol soluable, work with that
  3. Firecrackers is the fastest way. They can be made and ate in less then an hour. Really easy to make, little ingredients. Look that up!
  4. A really quick way, firecrackers, made in 30-45 mins. but i would do it in butter because it makes the high more enjoyable, you just do what paja said, strain the material afterwards, get the butter to a fridge and after it is a nice soft solid (not a liquid anymore) use it accordingly to make cookies/brownies/any other goodies with butter.
  5. Firecrackers. Search for threads people have put up on how to make them, some really good guides on here.
  6. Make chocolate, its fast and easy and if done right it gives a kick.

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