What are some brands with high quality glass?

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  1. I'm looking to buy a new piece, however I want to buy a high quality glass piece can you guys name me some high quality glass brands. I am not looking for brands that use china glass and Im not looking to spend over $500. Thank you for your help in advance and happy 420! :toke:
  2. illadelphglass.com
  3. I barely know anything about bong brands but I see "EHLE" and "ROOR" a lot and they seem to be high quality.
  4. Mobius and sovereignty is my picks (that I've held and smoked out of).

    Illadelph, roor, ehle don't even compare, they're just names and overpriced.
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  5. I've always like HVY, they make more colored stuff than scientific.
  6. I have a SYN I really dig but I don't think they make the kind I have anymore.

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  7. found a toro inna dumpster in santa cruz

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