What are some albums that you like that a lot of other people dont?

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    There's ALOT of albums that I love that didn't get very good reviews or are disliked by fans of the artist. A few albums that I absolutely love that weren't very well received are Relayer by Yes, One Step Closer by The Doobie Brothers and Turbo by Judas Priest.

  2. Syd Barrett's The Madcap Laughs is absolutely brilliant. Same thing with John Frusciante's Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt. These two records often go right over people's heads, but I love them. Great song writers and guitar players displaying a very unique take on the instrument. Also, Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica is very avant garde and a true masterpiece. Lou Reed's Berlin album should also be mentioned.

    Signed, John E. Smoke.
  3. Pretty much all of my Psych Folk collection is usually hated by everyone I know, Incredible String Band, Dr. Strangely Strange, Comus, Spirogyra etc.  

    I love Relayer and Madcap Laughs btw.
  4. Who the hell could dislike the Incredible String Band?!

    Signed, John E. Smoke.
  5. Most normal people would dislike nearly everything in my collection lol.
    I have a ton of obscure black metal (mostly on cassettes) and plenty of other various forms of underground metal.
    Hell, the only things I have that aren't metal is a decent punk collection, some various alt rock bands, jazz, blues, & Hank Jr lol.
    Here is a good example of some type of stuff that I find musically appealing but most people would probably not even click play on the video lol.
  6. My thoughts exactly, but they're out there let me tell you.

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