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what are red hairs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hiddenclowns, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. i see em but why are they all so great
  2. Hairs are an indicator of the plant's health and maturity, and of course, a more healthy plan or a plant that was harvested at the right time is at a high level of potency

    hope this helps
  3. it keeps them warm during the winter.

    but seriously it pretty much means that the bud is bomb.
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    ^^ please tell me you harvest according to trichs and not hairs..

    no, the number of hairs doesnt mean the bud is bomb, even though now a days the hairy shit seems to be better and it deffenitly looks better and people sell it for more, god i love that hiry shit :smoking:
  5. wasnt there a guy on here who smoked a bowl of just hairs. haha
  6. lol, i tasted good :smoking:
  7. Yes I use the trichs mostly, but I use the hairs some times too
  8. Not trying to start arguments, but mostly all the plants hairs turn red during the curing phase.

    Even if the plant is harvested with white hairs or early, the cure will most likely turn them orange - dark brown.
  9. hairs taste good as fuck

    and yeah some dude had like a quarter oz of hairs
  10. #10 mattwood1011, Feb 22, 2009
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    yeah go by both :hello: but the final desicion should be left up to trichs :D thank you i got scared you went by hairs :confused:

    ^^ well your right, why would it start arguments?

    Myles117 did it i think...
  11. unless i'm terribly mistaken, red hairs are the pistils which start out white and serve the purpose of catching the pollen produced by male plants.
  12. The hair is produced by the female and covered in sticky "sugar" or trichomes (trichs for short) to catch the pollen let into the air by the male plants. Now the hairs turn red because these trichomes are what contain the THC, and as the THC levels increase they go from clear to cloudly to amber and orange and eventually red. So put it together, the red hairs are high makers.
  13. This here.

    They are nothing special.
    Everyone makes a big deal about it.


    Im just like yeh, look at my arm, make them
    feel like an idiot.
  14. thanks for clearing this up:hello:

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