What are peoples view on the government?

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  1. I hate the government. For many, many reasons. I could go on and on why the government is full of shit. Tell me why you hate the gov. I want people to be educated on this matter. Me and my friends stay productive when were high like talk about politics, health, and life in general. Plrase take this SERIOUS because teaching and learning is very important and learning a lot about the people who basicly OWN YOU is good to know.

    *Stay small* ( don't be a target ) meaning dont spend large amouts on credit card
    *Play the governments game. ( after 20years of military work you get paid the rest of your life. Its about 2gs a month after you served 20 years. If the government is going to waste peoples tax dollars for bull shit dont feel gulity about joining the gravey train which is the military.
    Just getting this thread started....... add more to the thread
  2. george foreman for president....like if you agree yo fuck obama
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    I love my country and I hate my government...
    Our current US government is an oppressive tyrant anxious to rob you of your freedoms.

    We need a government.. I would be the first to say it.
    The federal governement is given the task of protecting our borders. (THAT IS ALL)
    The state government should be responsible for keeping our --REPUBLIC-- Laws..

    If I am doing something that impacts your rights. They need to throw my ass in jail. Outside of that the government has no other place in our lives..
  4. Well obama is a puppet master. He REALLY does not call the shots. Its the BIG business owners like wall mart etc. They have their "friends" ie politians pass laws in their favor to bennifit them and fuck over small business.
  5. im for no govt anyways
  6. REALLY think of what the pledge of allegiance is. haha we are SLAVES
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    My views on the current US Government:

    1. It is too big. It collects too much money, spends way too much money, and interferes with too many aspects of life, both domestic and foreign.
    ---There are too many regulatory agencies and many of them are incredibly close to the industries they regulate. What happens is people work at say, the FDA for a few years. They develop a relationship with the leaders of the industry they are charged with regulating. After a few too many friendly dinner meetings, people become "friends"/"business partners" and promises are made, after policies turn out favorable for that industry or that corporation, the regulator "retires" from government and becomes a consultant for that industry/corporation. This goes along closely with government contracts. Basically, just go wiki Ted Stevens and VECO. There are many more Ted Stevens' in our government, they just havent been exposed.
    ---We use our military to police the world.
    ---The federal reserve is a scam. Some bank prints money out of thin air and loans it to the United States, which we then pay back with interest. This really warrants a post of its own, so i wont spend too much time here.
    ---The government tells me i cannot grow certain plants. I cannot smoke certain plants. Apparently certain plants that occur in nature are prohibited by the US government.

    2. The two party system is detrimental to real politics. The whole democrats vs republicans thing is out of control. One side blames the other for all the problems in the world. People get way to caught up in their political party in america. But in America, political parties mean almost nothing! The parties will change their stances on any social issue to gain a majority voting block and control power. People believe very fervently about particular issues, and will defend their party to the death to see the one or two or three issues they really care about implemented.
    ---Democrats represent the lower socioeconomic status and republicans represent the higher socioeconomic status. THIS IS THE ONLY CONSTANT. It all boils down to money, and thats all they care about. Money is power and control, and the parties are only concerned with gaining just enough power to implement the policies that best affect them.
    ---But the parties are just a distraction from who is really controlling the government. Those that control the resources, control all. "Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes her laws." Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    3. Taxes. The Dems want to raise income taxes for the rich. The Reps want to lower the corporate tax. Now as to why the fuck we cant just get along and do both, i do not know. But BOTH need to happen, and here's why (IMO... dont want to come off do conceited, im no tax expert, these are just my views):
    ---The current way we tax people (broadly speaking, there is a fair bit of variance state to state, i realize that) is not equitable. The poor are unfairly taxed because they have no savings, they have to spend all of their money. A family of 4 that is pulling in 50,000, a fairly comfortable middle-class salary if the mom isnt working, is going to have to spend every nickel and dime to support a "normal" American lifestyle. They will pay income tax and what is left will be taxed again (mostly by the sales tax from their state, but there are gas taxes, property taxes, all kinds of em). Whereas deservedly smart and talented individuals, like Snooki (smoosh smoosh, jersey shore, yea im baked im putting that hoe in here), who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year have plenty of money they can store away in bank accounts, the stock market, or investments. They can also find ways to get deductions that are just not possible without extra, disposable income. By raising the income tax for the upper brackets where people are making absurdly large amounts of money will make things more equitable.
    ---Lowering the corporate tax is vital to keeping the biggest corporations with the most assets in America. If you follow the news a lot you probably heard that Bank of America (nay sayers beware, i come with proof that you can click on) and General Electric (proof)didnt pay any corporate taxes to the US last year. Tons of corporations are doing this! Why? because our corporate tax rate is absurdly high. It is more profitable to set up fake headquarters and push their assets to other countries and pay taxes to them than it is to stay put in the US and pay regular taxes. Lower it. Keep jobs and MNCs here.
    -----PS. I also think the income tax is unconstitutional, but whatever, i wont bother going there.

    4. The legal system in America has become so inflexible that common sense is cast aside to follow the letter of the law. There is a prosperous industry in America based on writing laws and finding loopholes in them. Many lawyers make a great living doing this. If a farmer in Maine wants to sell raw, unprocessed milk straight from the cow to her neighbors, and her neighbors want to buy it that way because that's they way they have always had it, thats how they need it to make various products (cheese, butter, whatever), then let them. We dont need any FDA inspectors or court cases for this to happen. We dont need warning labels on or hot beverages and we dont need EVERYTHING to come wrapped in plastic. Stupid people do stupid shit, no government safety measure can stop this, and no lawsuit should reward it. We have abandoned common sense in favor of political correctness and stringent rules because of fears of liability and lawsuits. Just because you're in the right doesnt mean your ass is covered.

    ... friend just got back with a sack of buds. Im gonna go get high but i will revisit this later and type out about 20 more paragraphs. One or two people will read it, but thats fine by me. I must have my thoughts submitted into the public record!

    EDIT: updated it, partially... i had a fourth point but i cant remember what it was. stereotypical stoner move i guess. I will remember it eventually.

  8. I, for one, am looking forward to part two.
  9. i feel like corperations and capitalism have tainted the american government too much and to such an extent the the companies that started in america would rather see it be ruined than to help better the people who give millions to their buisenesses
  10. Yea man, in my opinion there is quite a bit of stuff wrong with the govt but the one thing that really gets me is our national debt. I was recently at a lecture and it was stated that we all have a large amount of personal debt on our heads but I mean were not spendin all that money, it's those motherfuckers in Washington, we already have a large debt but we keep borrowing incredible amounts from these other countries to the point where were not even independent, I mean eventually these countries are going to get pissed when were not paying em back, take china for example, I mean out military is boss as fuck but they have the largest standing army in the world, were just diggin ourselves deeper ya know
  11. fuck the government till they stop all that corrupt bullshit.
  12. The democrats vs republican thing is also a scam. Every 4 years either a member from the Democratic party gets elected or a member from the Republican party gets elected as president. If you pick Democrat or Republican the outcome will be the same. Its a scam by the rich illuminati, the all seeing eye, which is the government aka big brother. If you really think about it all the laws telling what you can and can't do are we really free? If I'm riding a bike 3 miles per hour withought a helmet i get a ticket because i was 17 and you have to be 18 to ride a bike without a helmet. If I can't even do that without getting Fucked with then i am not free. Money spent by hard working people go to the government and pay their outragous paychecks. And i want to get somthing clear thats total bullshit. TEACHERS ARE OVER PAIED! AND THEY ALWAYS SAY WHEN THEY WANT MORE MONEY "ITS FOR THE KIDS" BULLSHIT ITS FOR YOURSELF. "ITS ALL BAD" LIKE BIG LURCH WOULD SAY. stay small my friends, don't get fucked with by big brother. DL

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    Fuck the Government our tax's dollars goes to worthless shit. His system is corrupt..He owns us all...

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