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what are my rights with police ??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wein-dog12, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. well i was wondering what are my rights are with police because lately theres some kid causing alot of heat and the cops keep stoping us looking for him and im usually carrying somthing whether it be liqour or weed or anything else and i wanna know what i can refuse and what i cant thanks in advance
  2. u have the right to get assraped..

    honestly though.. cops do watever they want , and dont care about ur rights

  3. just tellin it like it is!:eek:
  4. yeah but i have to be able to stop them at some point, like can i refuse a search ?
  5. ya.. they cant search unless they have reasonable suspusion or something..

  6. if they don't have a probable cause, then your fine.
  7. and if they are waiting for a warrant or some shit tell them that if ur not getting charged with anything or getting a ticket then u can leave..
  8. ok thanks but is there anything else i should know ?
  9. ya.. try to hide that shit.. be cool and as long as ur car doesnt smell like weed and ur not drunk u should be straight .. i ride around with my bong in the trunk and a bowl and weed in the glovebox almost all the time, as long as u dont act shady u should be straight
  10. you have zero rights, they dont give a fuck
  11. if i do get caught with some bud what would be the charges for a gram thats all i usually carry on me

  12. look up your area's marijuana restrictions. :]
  13. if u have a gram and u get pulled over eat it.. its not worth getting in trouble for
  14. depends on where you live. what state are you in?
  15. if you ever find yourself in court, NEVER use the idiotic-plead. even if you don't know what is going on, act like you know everything that is going on.

    you're rights are pretty simple...

    if they don't have probably cause and ask to search you - ask why. if they say you look suspicious, ask if they insult ever citizen then ask for an attorney RIGHT THEN. worked for me. but know your rights. even if they don't seem to want to give them to you, you have them. so treat the situation like you would if you KNEW they would let you have your rights. I hate when people say that they 'take your rights'. they only do that if you let them. you have to be very formal when you're being involved with any branch of the government. even and especially the po-po. i've fought EVERY ticket that I've had (only 6), but won every case. 1 speeding, 2 open container, 3 seat belt tickets.
  16. newfoundland canada
  17. nevermind^ then. that is how it is in the states... i'm not sure how hardcore the law is there.
  18. i dont think its as bad but some of the cops are fucking idoits here
  19. Newfoundland? hahaha the cops there are retards. dont worry about it bro.

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