What are my plants ? Sativa indica ruderalis

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What’s is my plant

  1. Sativa

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  2. Hybrid

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  3. Ruderalis

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  1. 87E3EC31-2A0D-4F72-BB88-6242B6A9A936.jpeg E83C7E42-6179-4A72-8958-D3B473FC9233.jpeg 274D4912-DBAE-4072-8B96-B18E24E43B09.jpeg I have 3 plants one I got told was blue alien the others were just random seeds, I am un sure what they are if any one can help me out that would be awesome
  2. Best guess is hybrid these days veg till ya fill ur space and give em 9-11 weeks flower time depending on how many watts ur runnin.
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  3. You really won't be sure until they are much bigger.

    Indica hybrids odds are from the leaf size and shape.
    Indica = shorter classic Christmas tree shape. fat buds Fat fingers on the fan leafs
    Sativa = Huge lanky plants with small wispy buds. Very slender, long fingers on the fan leafs
    Hybrids = some of the features of both.
    Rudes = tend to be smaller then Indica and flower when ready with no short day triggering.

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  4. I’m running 1000 watt but only draw 230 not the best light but does the job
  5. Thanks, so when can I tell what they are the biggest plant is currently a month old the others are 2-3 weeks old
  6. You're not running a 1000 watt then. That number means absolutely nothing when it comes to growing.

    The vast majority of strains these days are hybrids
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  7. E5EE26CE-1872-4225-8744-E3D8B29AEF36.jpeg Here’s another photo
  8. I know I was just stating it’s 1000 watts equivalent but it’s true watts is 230 watts
  9. Equivelant has something to do with how humans perceive light. Are you running cfls?
  10. Led
  11. It's probably a mix, almost all strains are

    Then you're not running 1000 watts

    It's not equivalent to anything that uses 1000 watts, that's just a model name

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