What are my deficiencies and/or problems?

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  1. I currently have three bagseed plants growing under a single HPS 150w light that is on 24/0 lighting for the youngest plant(trying to catch her up!) and 16/8 lighting on the others. Reflective lighting on 3 out of 4 sides. I always water when the top soil is dry. I use bottled water that has been sitting out in room temp.An oscillating fan that is on 24 hours a day. Soil is miracle grow until transplant into a mix of 50/50 ffof and ffhf with 20% perlite. I will be planting my girls stems all the way up to the first set of leaves to get rid of stretching.

    This is my first grow from seed and I have a few questions to ask. First question is why is my oldest plant drooping with yellow spots on the 2nd and 3rd set of leaves? Second question is how can I catch up the youngest plant to the others? Also, when should i transplant my girls to final pot? Pics are attached and i have a pic of what they will be going into. Each plant is about 2 weeks apart I'm pretty sure. Third question is if 150w hps light is sufficient for 3 plants? Any and all feedback will be appreciated! 🙏👍✌

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  2. 150 is a bit low for 3 mate......at a young age you can probably get away with it, but when they get bigger an additional 100 watt would make a shit ton of difference :) 
  3. I'm just going to give a list of suggestions and explanations for them.
    • Ditch the tin-foil.  Look at it, it may seem shiny but all I see in these pics is grey, dull walls.  White is better than foil.  Mylar is a special material, it looks shiny like foil, or like emergency blankets and stuff, but your eyes aren't specialised enough to tell that the light reflectivity is actually completely different.  If you had mylar, those walls would look dazzling not grey.  Flat white is better than shiny.  If you can't get proper growroom mylar, use flat white board or something like that instead.
    • You can not make your younger plant "catch up", and if you try to make it you will kill it.  If anything, you would be better to 'top' the larger one to slow it down.
    • On the same topic, nutrients will not make the plant grow faster.  More light will make them grow faster, and if they have enough nutrients available they will grow as fast as they can given the light they have.  Don't try to feed them to make then grow faster.
    • Possibly the light green colour and drooping could be overwatering.  If you think you are overwatering, you probably are.  Saying that, I don't see the soil looking wet.  You'll find that the new leaves look lighter green in colour, and they turn darker green after a few days of being in the light.
    • The first plant is going to want to get into a larger pot soon.  Not urgently, but coming up.
    • When they are all 18 inches high, you are going to find that 150 watt bulb doesn't cover 3 plants very well.  It's okay but a bit of a stretch.  If you had 150w of CFLs, I would say split them into two groups rather than all in the center and that would just about be okay, but you can't do that.  I would suggest either a different reflector hood that will give you wider coverage, an additional 150w bulb when the plants are bigger, or adding maybe a 25w CFL at each end of the space for supplemental lighting.
    It's early days, but they look fine tbh, but serious ditch the tin foil.
  4. To cover the lighting issue I plan on getting a few CFLs on the outsides of the girls. I am unsure of what watt to get? Any guesses? I just transplanted the big one and hopefully my soil mix will help her perk up. I will be transplanting the others soon! Regarding the reflective lighting, I actually purchased an emergency blanket from Walmart. I thought that was okay to use? I have my hps light off to take the pics which may be why it seems dull? I didn't put any tin foil down, just one emergency blanket. I personally believe the drooping is over watering but I am a noob so I wanted some other input. Also, the leaves have little yellow spots on them(which can't be seen in the pics idk why) but the spots are only on the biggest girl.

    I am thinking about trying to LST the plants since I have a limited light source? Would this be a good idea? Thanks for the input, and any other ideas/inputs would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Youre a very helpful guy :)

    Im glad youre around.

    OP, take this guys advice.

    Also,they look fine, youre overthinkin it big time :smoke:
  6. Yeah emergency blankets, they are designed to reflect heat not really light.  The fact that they reflect light and are shiny is kind of a coincidence.  It is heat-insulating your grow space, and not being all that effective at reflecting the light in a useful way.  Just... trust me on this.  If you can't get proper grow-room mylar, white is better than any alternative.
    You've got a while to figure our additional lighting, like a couple of weeks probably before it becomes an issue.  Almost any cfl bulbs you buy at your local hardware store will do fine.
    A bit of LST is an excellent idea.  Keep it simple.
    Good luck!
  7. Alright so I decided that I am going to purchase some mylar. But I have seen online that there is something called panda film also? Which one would be better for my grow space? I think I am going to address the lighting issue with another 150w HPS. Would that be to much light for flowering? Would 2 150w HPS lights produce to much heat? I have never attempted to LST. Any good forums to learn in depth? Or do you have experience to share?

    Thank you!
  8. Either mylar or panda film would be fine bro....and a big improvement on foil/emergency blankets too! :)
    I don't think you should have too much trouble with heat from 2 150w lights, but if temps do become an issue, another fan should help keep things in check. 
  9. Alright bro I decided to go with the mylar! Just ordered it today. Should have another 150w hps on my ladies in a week. Then that will be 300w total. That would be sufficient for three plants correct? And how big could I let these girls get with 300w?

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