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what are my chances?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ImissQuazzimoto, May 26, 2010.

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    well i found out i have a drug test today:eek: luckily i have been taking my smoking very lightly. its a piss test and its at cms a local testing place that is a lab test place but they dont send it to the lab unless the first test that is a normal test comes up positive. Well the last time i smoked was two days ago and i only took 3 hits of some dank purps and the days before that i have only been smoking about a bowl every other day and its all just been mids/k town wich is partially why i have been taking the smoking lightly i dont enjoy smokin k town. but i have takin two detox pills and some vitamins. I went jogging/walking for about two hours sweating my nuts off and i have been drinking a lot of water to dillute i plan on drinking about one and a half to two gallons total. can any one give me an estimate of what my chances of passing are? i appreciate you taking the time to read my post and would greatly appreciate if u gave me a response.

    edit: i am 6 foot 130 pounds with a very high metabolism and very little fat
  2. smoke so much weed that they wont even notice.
  3. ummmmmmm...... WHAT????
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    You should be fine.

    But yes, if you smoke so much that you piss BHO the doctors won't even know how to test it.

    Just trying to help you think outside the box.

    edit: post 420 bitches!
  5. thank you for the helpfull insite and congratulations on ur 420th post. if anyone else has any advice i would gladly like to hear it

  6. Haha, ily.
  7. any one else wanna help me out with some support like ya ur gonna pass or no ur not please help or advice is greatly appreciated
  8. You're not gonna pass........

    So, with that in mind...........

    Go smoke yourself silly so the test comes back abnormally positive.....

    If casual use is a 7, you want to register a 23.......(if it were on a scale from 1-10)........

    Why are you being tested anyways?
  9. ya i hate to say it, but based on personal and my friends experiences, your not gonna pass. so like the guy above me said, smoke up. If its for something serious I would work on getting some clean piss.

    EDIT: 4_2_0 that quote from UNABOMB3R in your sig is hilarious.
  10. first, i wish i could give you words of encouragement that youll pass, but chances areyou are going to fail man. :( it just isnt enough time for the thc to leave your body.

    and second, you must be skinny as hell!!! i am like 140 and 5 5 and pretty damn skinny so i cant imagine how skinny you areman you must be a twig!

  11. Yeah.....I spit soda all over my desk when I read it so I +repped him and added it to my sig pronto
  12. ur not gunna pass sorry
    smoke an oz before the dt
  13. Yeah man, not a chance. You want that shit to come back so abnormally positive that the coats are just like:confused:
  14. hi mate. you need to drink as much water and orange juice as possible and let rip in the toilet as much as possible to flush your system. i recently came out of prison and had piss tests(vdt) all the time and my mate in there who has been in there for 23 years told me this and always been gd for him-thats long as you have only had few puffs on the dragon recently like you have said. good luck though and let me know what happens. anyway back to my widow mary jane.
  15. I too would like to say that you'd pass, but I don't think you will. If you smoked 2 days ago and have been smoking every other day it just doesn't give your body enough time. Also, exercising before the test isn't going to help (you can in the days prior to the test, but not the day before or the day of the test. THC is stored in the fat cells of the body (which from the sound of it, you don't have many) and when you exercise, those fat cells break down and release the THC. So working out right before the test, will probably raise your THC levels. If the test is for non-legal reasons (ex. Not for trouble with the law), I would suggest getting some clean urine (either from someone you know or buy it from a head shop) and use that.
  16. Get and take one of the home tests from Walmart or somewhere. If you fail, keep trying the usual detox methods, exercise, lots of water, search the forums for all the other detox methods and try the ones people have put positive comments on. Take another home test, repeat until clean.

    Unfortunately you've only got the one day, best option is probably to dilute, or use a donor's urine (make sure to keep the temp correct, same gender, etc...). Good luck!
  17. drink two gallons of water in a day, and a BFC monster, thats how i passed my piss test, plus i didnt smoke the entire week before. And i smoke quite a bit of pot, i always tell my friends if we are on a desert island, and if i die, they can just cut me open and scrape my lungs for resin.
  18. well i just took the test i used mid stream piss and my pee was practicly completely clear except it had a slight yellow tint to it and also i made sure not to eat because i heard that helps for some reason. and also i wasnt smoking consistently every other day i was using that as an estimate i prob smoked about every three days. any ways wish me luck i hope i passed
  19. yea i dont think so honestly. but i definately dont think u should smoke like crazy before it. unless u already have a record and its not like ur first offense and its not legal. then hell yea go for it. the best thing to do would be: get 2 oz of dank. an hour or 2 before the test, smoke like its ur last time ever. smoke about 1.8 oz of that in that hour or 2, and then smoke on ur way there, then smoke out in the parking lot, then if possible pull out a joint in the bathroom with ur trusty spoof and puff on that bad boy while ur pissing. hopefully the results will come up so high they will think ur made of weed.
  20. i passed :D its always worth a shot

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