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What are "heads"?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Not_Sleepy, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. i've read it in the forums, but nobody says that around where i live.
  2. Around here is also means Dank, Chron, KB (KindBud), Sticky Icky, Headies, 50's
  3. thanks
  4. its heedies... or dank... its the best pot you can get its better than kb or "chronic"
  5. heads = any level of dankness dro. Chronic would be towards the top of this dankness chart.
  6. Heads also are people who smoke pot/consume drugs..
  7. yeah, for instance, "7 heads on a blunt?! fuck that shiiiiiiit"
  8. Yeah thats what it means here. Headies = good herb, Heads = herb smokers

  9. Same where Im from.
  10. I thought headies was the very top buds:confused:
  11. In my area headies is what people call really good sativa strains that dont have names or they dont know they name. Lotsa people round here call the various hazes as headies.
  12. pot-HEAD. Someone who consumes pot. OR it is high quality herb. And 7 heads on a blunt just means 7 people on the blunt
  13. Hence the term "head shop" ;)
  14. Just another word for that dankity dank. In Florida we call it crippy, other places they call it headies, skunk, etc.

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