what are fountain drinks called where you live?

Discussion in 'General' started by YouSuckDude, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. ive heard lots of people call soda pop...or vice versa...whats it called in ur area?
  2. soda the only pop I know of is pop rocks and in bed "ay papi"
  3. soda. whenever i hear people call it 'pop' i snicker thinking they are messing around then quickly stop when i realize that what they actually call it. it just sounds so goofy to me.
  4. pop....

    soda is American
  5. soda, i've never heard anyone call it pop except in tv shows and movies.
  6. Pop is what I call it.

    Soda pop sometimes, combining the best of two worlds... er, countries.

  7. nice find retep lol
  8. why would some places call all soda coke if that's a specific brand/drug/flavor?
  9. Thick fizzy beverage
  10. Its usually coke here.Soda if were feelin frisky.
  11. just like the stats show for my area, I say pop.
  12. Soda for me

    I wonder what accounts for the small pocket of "soda" drinkers in Missouri/Illinois
  13. Soda, and that's actually what pretty much everyone calls it where i live.. I've hardly ever heard people use the term coke for something other than coca-cola, so that graph is off for me.
  14. Most people here call it coke but mostly they just say drink. Drink pretty much covers everything so thats whats used the most.
  15. May I have some POP please?
    Kay thanks.
  16. Hahahaha @ the map

    I call it soda, my mom and the rest of my family calls it pop, but I always call it soda because that's what it is..
  17. affirmative
  18. the name is 'soda pop' so calling it either is pretty normal. i used to call it pop all the time, but my ex got me saying soda. i think pop makes more sense, it's one less syllable to say than soda.

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