What are everyones professions/plans for the future?

Discussion in 'General' started by GuerillaGrower, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. just curious, what does everyone do/plan to do to make a living?
  2. Well right now I am a stock trader and make a healthy income. I imagine as I age my brain will start to slip and I wont be as quick as I need to be. But I dont want to think that far ahead:p
  3. I highly doubt I'll ever have to work another day of my life. :)

    BUT, I'm still going to trade school to learn how to weld, even though I don't need the money.
  4. As little as possible. I want the highest paying job with the least amount of responsibility and accountability. Like a Senator, or President, maybe.
  5. lucky youu
  6. You can do it to. :D

    Shoot me a pm if you're interested.
  7. i'd love to get into a situation like off of the show Entourage, turtles life ftw.

    i honestly have no idea what i really really want.. i'm gettin my associates in business office tech and will prolly continue into business management and major in that.. my current goal is to hopefully get a few contract deals with some clubs and spin there 3-4 nights a week just doin that.. smoke all day, spin for a few hours a few nights a week. all gravy..

    i'd really like to become the owner of a club where a bunch of big-name DJs come through as well as rappers. luckily, i have a few connects and also some very very wealthy family members that would love to help me out if i needed it.

    i guess if nothin like goes down.. i could become a park ranger at some state park somewhere along the gulf coast. i'd love that aswell, but i know workin there would mean drug tests = /

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