What are dry herb vaporizers?

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  1. Okay okay okay I want to try vaporizers because I have heard they reduce the smell.

    I have heard of dry herb vaporizers but was seeing many different answers on to what that even is.

    I'm hoping it means you can use your weed (the same as what you put in your glass bowl) and pack it into the tank and voila like magic you can vape. It sounds way too good to be true since I've heard so much about making oil and wax.

    But if thats the case that you can just stash regular (or grinded) weed in the vape and go, what vape works?

    Which vape works best for smell, and for normal bud, but is on the cheaper side.

    Obviously cheap ones wont work but in your opinion which is the cheapest that will work.

    Thank you!
  2. Yes to the question about using bud.

    What vaporizers do is heat the bud to less than 425° to produce steam, rather than smoking methods which heat the bud up to 800° to produce smoke. Smoke smells and lingers, vaporizers aren't nearly as bad and the smell won't really stick around for more than a few minutes if you take the right precautions.

    If you're in a dorm or apartment complex where smoking would easily be noticed, a vaporizer, a fan (or window) and a little can of ozium is usually enough to keep it hush.

    My best advice is

    Don't buy a pen. Pens are just fancy one-hitters that use a metal coil to heat the bud to temps that come close to combustion- so you're just smoking tiny puffs of weed. They still smell like smoke.

    Don't go cheap. Buy from a reputable company who offers a warranty. You'll save yourself hundreds by skipping the Chinese knockoffs of good products that break and leave you with a paperweight.

    Save up for something good like a Crafty, a Pax2, Arizer (air/solo), or a Magic Flight Launchbox if you must go on the cheaper side.
  3. Look into a Haze Dual V3. User friendly, dual ovens, four temps, does oil and wax, portable, replaceable rechargeable batteries. Haze has a offer right now for thirty percent off if you don't mind Green.
    If you are just getting into vaping, drop by fuckcombustion.com. You will thank me for all the information you will get off there about vaping. Good health, happy vaping, get a Haze on. Doc
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  4. But do they heat weed as in bud or grinded? I have no way in making oil or wax
  5. You name it, flowers, bud, herb, you call it. You can slip a nug in a conduction screen or convection screen, and vape away. I like to use herb I've ground, so the heat gets to every morsel. If you start out at the lower temps, and let it build, you get the most awesome taste. This thing is easily adapted for a water tool use. This vape is not all that harsh. A water tool like the Pinnacle Water Tool, "PNWT", or the "MFLB" Orbiter cools the vapor just right.
    Go on FC.com and learn about all the differant vapes.
    My girlfriend will not smoke, but she vapes. You will be surprised after you get the smoke out of your system, how much higher you get with vaping. Plus it's healthier than smoking. Doc
  6. I'm actually selling a Crafty by Storz and Bickel if anyone is interested. I bought it at full retail, it has very low hourly usage logged, and is in absolutely perfect condition. Message me if you're interested. Thanks guys!

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  7. Hi have the da buddha and im having trouble loving it. Any hints or tips? No matter how low the heat or how slow i inhale i seem to burn it, and the best vap i seem to get is this really disappointing puff.

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