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what are Cannabis derivatives

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by elo1, Jan 14, 2011.

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  2. Nah, K2 has no derivative of Cannabis in it, it's a completely different dude called JW 202 I believe.

    Derivatives I believe would be every single thing thc related. Including synthetic thc marinol, probably.
  3. or it could just be totally made up

  4. Which is definitely what it's looking like. :smoke:
  5. drugfree is a nazi organazation man thay want everything banned and outlawed and shit lol and everything thay say is a lie
  6. and yes it means k2 and stuff like that

  7. Yeah, I mean I used logic. God knows what this organization used to write it.
  8. yeah these sly bastards like dare have paws in everything and other lie spreading companys k2 is stupid imo used it a few times this summer it was weird man i hated it
  9. If K2 and whatnot are truly considered "cannabis derivatives" they need to come up with another term. This one is misleading. Artificial grape flavoring isn't considered a grape derivative is it?

  10. Exactly.

    Based entirely on a definition analysis, no this does not mean K2, etc.

    SYNTHETIC compounds are different than a DERIVED chemical

    EX) Heroin is a derivative of opium, JWH-018 is not a derivative of THC

    BUT based on what the article is trying to get across I guess it could be refering to K2, etc.
  11. Sounds skewed. But when I first saw the thread I was thinking of concentrates like hash, now I'm not sure...
  12. I bet most if not all of the cannabis related deaths they claim are just deaths when a person has THC (or THC derivatives:confused:) in their system, which obviously can be a month or more

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