What are advantages of plastic belts over conventional leather belts?

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  1. What are advantages of plastic belts over conventional leather belts?

  2. I don't think there are any? any synthetic belt i have had has fallen apart after a year or two. i have a couple 100% real leather belts I got custom-made at the Flea Market (the guy is a farmer and makes leather from the cows he raises), these have lasted me almost 10 years. Plus they're slicker than plastic/synthetic belts. When I'm about to get it on all I gotta do is unbuckle my belt and pull on the buckle and the belt slides out of my pants and they drop to the ground.
  3. I have a belt from 2003. It has its wears, but still looks good.
  4.  Plastic is better because an animal doesn't die to keep your pants up :D 
    Also plastic is usually cheaper.
  5. Anything synthetic in a belt is rubbish, as far as I'm concerned. I don't think I've ever had one last more than a year. I've had some decent fabric belts in my day, but as far as this debate goes, leather is top, dogg.
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  6. They might be a little cheaper, but as others have already stated, you're going to be replacing it MUCH quicker. I've had a couple synthetic belts that looked nice, but they don't hold up (so to speak) worth a damn. I've had the same two leather belts for five or six years now. I'm big on practicality when it comes to clothing, so leather over synthetic any day :smoking:
  7. Nothing in my opinion.
    Pros of leather: lasts over time, looks good, goes with anything, comfortable (from my experience plastic tends to poke at me because it doesn't really move with my body), if you shave with a straight razor you can do the final fine sharpening on the back of the belt (what my friends do), if you're into bdsm they also make a great collar/ leash
  8. None at all. It looks stupid as shit. I invested in a high quality black leather belt from Hugo Boss a few years ago, looks brand new still. Goes well with both suit and jeans. If i wear jeans and a t-shirt I don't really wear belts, only with collared shirts.
  9. And what kind of jewellery youl like to wear to thtis? here you can find some interesting collections....
  10. Ya after 2 or 3 plastic/synthetic belts man...fuckin bogus, just like everyone says they wear out easy and the flexibility ruins the finish I've found. Leather all the way, with leather you gotta know what you're buying too. It's a feel thing Imo.
  11. Plastic belts are shite. get the real deal unless you have moral issues with cows dying or want to save money.

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