What are advantages/disadvantages of transplanting?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Schecter420, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I'm curious at to what advantages and/or disadvantages there are to starting seeds in small pots and transplanting them (either once or multiple times) rather than putting your seeds in large enough pots to begin with.
  2. when i get my clones they go right into 5 gallon pots =)
    i think only advantage to transplanting is your able to have more control over watering it in a small pot
  3. Transferring plants or sprouts can shock a plant, inhibiting it's growth and development. Although, if done carefully and correctly transferring can do little to nothing to the plant. The advantage is no transfers, disadvantages; can't think of one for starting out with a bigger pot.
  4. ^Not if you do it right, I've never had a plant suffer from transplanting.

    It can be harder to maintain proper watering and soil moisture for a baby sprout in a big pot, the soil could be soggy wet near the bottom but too dried out at the top. In a smaller pot it's easier, especially for a newb, to keep the watering cycles. Once the plant is established, though, I go straight to the big pot too, so I start in 4" pots then to 5 gallons. I agree no advantage to continually transplanting several times to progressively larger pots.

  5. How many weeks after sprout do you let it chill in the 4in?

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