What annoys you about Grasscity ?

Discussion in 'General' started by meehai, May 25, 2006.

  1. First of all, much love to everyone :wave: ...

    Second of all, what is the one thing that drives you crazy about this site more than anything else???

    Mine are people who believe that marijuana has no bad points whatsoever, and refuse to believe that marijuana, a psychoactive drug, could have negative side effects as well as the positive ones we all know about ( I know this wont be top of many people list, but it pisses me off a treat :mad: )

    Please people, vent your spleen...
  2. i hate it when i psot a thread with a question and dont get any god damn answers,
    but otherwise this site is awesome.
  3. 1)people who dont use the search button
    2)newbies who clame to know everything
    3)made up false claims that we all know are false
    4)people only saying that drugs like, Crack, Meth, Heroin, etc.. are terrible and no good can come from them.

    and the list goes on and on

    edit, MY BIGGEST PET peve about this site, is people who correct grammer or spelling errors. OR people who fucking say, your shit sucks, FUCKING POT SNOBS!! because of this thread, from now on, anytime i see someone who says i wouldnt even smoke that, or something along those lines, i will - rep without second thought. I HATE YOU FUCKING POT SNOBS!!
  4. what annoys me about gc?

    i'm here too much..

    people who bash shwag because it's shwag:(
  5. i fuckin hate that!
  6. It's not a real city (oh man that would be sweeeet!)

  7. haha, im guilty of that. But only because i was "raised", for lack of better words, in the pot community that smoking schwag was for losers and poor people lol. (which i know now not to be true lol... for the most part haha) To the day i still haven't even seen the stuff in real life.
  8. The male:female ratio is worse than a Chinese family.

  9. ROFLZ, if you want, budgurl will prolly give you nekkid pics.
  10. Yeh but us girls who are here kick some major ass.

    I hate it when i am dry when i am on the city..... it sucks.

  11. Thats mine too!! It just makes me want a bowl even more, and the bud pics always end up making me drool, but for some reason even when I'm dry and I know its gunna make me want bud more, I still come back hehe
  12. they put something in the water.
  13. preaching. thats all, nothing more.
  14. i dotn care for people who ask for rep, i dont care for people that clain that they have purple haze, and i absolutely haaaate debauch, bobbert, gofussy, DMW and a few others... just because they have amazing glass that ill never have... (i actually dont mean that at all...in fact i look up to them...) i also hate when i think of sometihng good to post, but completely forget by the time i get on here.
  15. true dat, its addictive whatever it is.
  16. ^^ thats a good chunk of things that would have been on my list.

    Ill add people who come on for what seems like just to be an asshole and start shit, teach peace people. :D
  17. 1. Assholeish people (No names mentioned but you know who you are.)
    2. Questiosn that don't get answered
    3. Silly noobs.

    Thats about it. :wave:
  18. [quote name='meehai']First of all, much love to everyone :wave: ...

    what is the one thing that drives you crazy about this site more than anything else???
    The MODS! Im sure the feeling is mutual for them too?
  19. does that mean your leaving:eek:

    the worst thing on this site is the noobs who think they know everything about weed
  20. that shit pisses me off.

    my biggest pet peve is when someone posts a thread and it says:

    got a quarter of pretty good dank from my guy, paid 90. very stick and potent.

    then some asshole posts.

    man i get quarters for 80 and they are BOMB! i'm serious, like KILL KILL BOMB KILL. in that order it's that good.

    it's just like, shut the fuck up. if you have such great bud at such cheap prices, start some fucking threads and show us.

    and also what nushaganazad said about spelling errors.

    this is a website dedicated to an intoxicating substance, don't correct our spelling errors. you get what i mean.

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