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  1. First I'll give a little backround information. I bought some NPP seeds from Nirvana Seeds Standard and germed them all, 100% success. I put them in 40oz party cups outside to prep them for the Earth's conditions. After a few days of rain I had to act fast and transplant the seedlings (none popped the soil yet) to drier soil to avoid root rot. I transplanted and had them under two 40watt fluro fixtures in my closet.
    So for mothers day, my Dad decides we're going out to eat. My older brother excuses himself and lies that he has a report for school. After we return home I open my closet to find that I have no plants, only two lights shining on a post-it note stuck to a small pile of papers with information on community colleges (Ivy league bullshitter). I have maintained a 3.9 GPA over the course of Highschool so of course this sets me off.
    Most of you can probably understand. These plants were my babies and my summer crop! I go downstairs to see what the fuck this guy was thinking and he says he already dumped them. I turn around, go up to his room, take 20$ from his wallet (Npp seeds cost) and start ripping shit up. I go downstairs and start getting in his face. I push him into the wall and he's about to swing at my face. I step forward and to the right in his direction and swing a haymaker at the side of his face. Connection is an understatement to describe that punch, but I regretted the way the situation panned out afterwards. He's just another brain-wash-ee who fears what he doesn't understand.. I dont think I'll ever forgive him for that.
    I wish for just once, that the government and whoever propels these anti-drug capaigns, that spit out fake information and statistics to sway closed-minded peoples opinions, would actually provide some factual information.
    One side of me feels bad about hitting him and knows it was wrong, the other side thinks it was neccassary. Hopefully a few of those bagseed plants I have out in the ground now will make it through this flood, if not I am fucked and won't be harvesting any summer buds. I still just can't believe that he came into my room and killed them, my own fucking brother!

    Peace and stay safe
  2. I woulda knocked his ass out too....fuck that bullshit. Your brother should respect your stuff for yours
  3. omg i would of killed him......literally running from the law
  4. Well at least you got the cash back and you can start over. Its not like it was 2 three feet plants but its the principle of not touching what is yours. Nice punch too.
  5. man that sucks. he should at least respect your stuff and talk to you about it like a man. good job punching his ass though, i would have done the same.
  6. your brother and my sister should hang out sometime. It really pisses me off that someone as close to me as my sister can't understand it, even though shes done it herself and lots of her friends do it, always gives me shit about it. I know how you feel man, just be glad you have a sibling you can hit.
  7. my sisters always tell me to stop smokin, even though back in the day they always tried gettin me to smoke, and my friend's sister is always bitching at us to stop when she used to hold parties where we bought our weed and stuff. Hypocrites suck ><
  8. You hit your brother in the face because he loves you and wants to help? (help in his eyes...) That's dick dude, you should've just talked to him.. family first.
  9. no, it's "dick" to fuck with someone's shit like that.
  10. No, fuck that. It's "dick" to take the side of a condescending and ignorant person. He left a pile of community college info where the plants were, so it was obviously to piss him off. I'm sure you would thank your brother if he did that to you, right?

    Also, because you acted sarcastic and like an asshole to the OP, up yours.
  11. 3.9...not bad man
  12. hahahaha.

    Naughty, you always bust me up.
  13. I'd hit him too. He stole and vandalized his property. If he wanted to reach out and help, all he had to do was talk to his bro like an adult. Instead, he did what he did and deserved a punch to the bean.
  14. whatever guys.. I just think it's retarded to fight over something like that. He said it only cost 20$ for the seeds, and he got that back. Guess what.. plant them again, and you'll have new plants. :yay:

    Your brother should have talked to you first, obviously. But I still wouldn't have hit him.
  15. :D pussy. :D

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