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  1. It took me a while to find a hurricane glass that fits just perfect to a 6" duct and around my MH bulb. Well tonight while connecting my fan to the ducting and glass...I lifted the glass into my ceiling fan...glass shards everywhere and a new search for a hurricane glass...

    Anyone know where to find a glass tube/hurricane glass thats about 10-12" long, with a diameter of around 5-6" on each side? The store I bought this one at is a flea market type place...they dont get restocked as this one was used to begin with.

    Maybe I should just make a cool tube out of the aluminum ducting...
  2. I'm all for cheap....

    But you can cut glass with lighter fluid, string and a ice bath

    But jakester has a much better idea, purchase one done already
  3. Hard to justify even paying 75 bucks for something you can make for less than 10. But I may have to consider gas money and time wasted messing with this. I recall seeing the hurricane glass a long time ago in Hobby Lobby, but am not sure. I couldn't find anything on their website about them.

    The pyrex would probably work for a HPS, but my MH will block a lot of airflow as its at least 3 inches on its own. I really want to be using a 6" tube. The hurricane glass I had was perfect fit for both bulbs, and fit snugly into the 6" ducting. GAHH such an idiot..fuck me and my low ceilings.
  4. Currently saving up cool beer bottles to turn into cups.
  5. Pyrex bake-around our else try an arts & crafts shop like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Even Walmart has hurricane lamps.
  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9etHD9F90E&feature=player_detailpage]Part 2 DIY cool tube - YouTube[/ame]
  7. going to try this later I think...I saw those glass vases at walmart
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