What an evening...!

Discussion in 'General' started by Rob_Moseley, May 17, 2004.

  1. Bud's in my system, chillin' with my non-smokin' friend watchin' Big Lebowski (LOL @ John Goodman. God I love that movie), it's about 6:45. All is well, when suddenly...

    ...My friend calls. I was supposed to take him and another kid up to Tampa 45 MINUTES AGO to see a hardcore concert that starts in an hour. Shiiiiit.

    Bam, my brain shifts straight into 6th gear. I grab my keys, my wallet, and dive into my F150. Meanwhile, my other smokin' friends Tom (aka "SugarcroN"), and George stare in utter confusion as I whisk up Tom, throw him in the car, and fly down towards my house. When I get near my house, I throw Tom on the street with my bike (which was in the back), and fly over to my house (Where my friend is waiting for me). I whisk him up, and head north. That's when I noticed my gas tank was empty. Shiiiiit.

    Going down the highway, I'm heading toward the other kid's house, when I realize I didn't get any gas yet (lol). With the marker like, a cm under the red line, I sputter into the closest BP and fill up. Then I'm on the road again, get to the other kid's house, whisk him up, and we're off. About five minutes later, I realized that my parents have no clue where I am. Shiiiiit.

    (For the record, I live in Southwest Florida (Venice, which is 25 mi. south of sarasota, which is 50 mi. south of Tampa.) The show we were seeing was "Terror", "Between the Buried and Me", and "Stretch Armstrong")

    I call my mom, say a few things, so that was straightened out. My adrenaline started to fade, and I was able to chill. I was still pretty blazed, too. I was so blazed, my friend convinced me that I had sex with his mom.

    Him- "Dude, I can't believe you fucked my mom"
    Me- "Uhh, I don't think I fucked your mom"
    Him- "Yes you did"
    Me- "Daamn..."
    Him- "..."
    Me- "...so... was she hot?"

    Anyways, we get there just a few minutes late, and we have a good time. Stretch Armstrong was intense, Terror was pretty crazy (Too Hatebreed-ish for my tastes, though), Between the Buried and Me were really good. Speaking of which, anyone else a hardcore fan?

    Nonetheless, the show ends, we get in my car, and head home, but not before getting lost for a little bit (lol).

    In a nutshell, it was a pretty crazy evening.
  2. how was his mom? ;)
  3. hey i live in tampa we should meet up
  4. Hey, I always like meeting new people. Just out of curiosity, how old are you, what kind of stuff do you do, what kind of stuff do you have, etc?

    edit: actually, since GC has a thing about being 18 and such (which we all are... ~.^), feel free to PM me the details.

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