what am i tying to say; LENGUA

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  1. so i got really high and i wanted to know if this makes sense because i have NOOOOO IDEAAAAAAAAAA.

    "i really like the way that bike looks. i mean i like how i think it looks like it rides..."

    just let me know thanks!
  2. you are saying how you like a bike because you think you would like the way it looks when you ride it...right?
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    you like excercise bikes

    You really like how the bike looks, and you like the idea of how you think it rides as well as it looks.
  4. nope lolol

  5. When you look at this bike you can picture riding it in your mind. The way that it rides as you perceive it in your mind, which you determined by the bikes appearance, is comfortable, pleasurable, and acceptable to you.
  6. This is just to let you know, yes it makes sense.
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ta4W3WEWOc]YouTube - Tongue Tricks[/ame] lengua?

  8. EXACTLY. i knew youd be able to understand. im so proud of everyone for being respectful and genuine.

    and talk about a real life experience, im having one right now. im sitting in my backyard right now in my hammock underneath a big tree its a pretty big tree it covers and shades about half of my yard, and im staring off into the leaves above me,and llistening to the sounds of the leaves and the birds and the chickens(i have chickens in my backyard) at first i cant tell exactly where the bird noises are coming from and then these two birds fly through my field of vison almost right above me, and land on a branch about 5 feet away. and they dont even see me. so im trying to be as quiet as possible, and i swear these two birds started having a real conversation. i could hear the inflection in their voices, in the peeps and squeeks coming from their little beeks. i just wish i could have captured it on video or even just audio. it sounded as if they were arguing. they would hop around and flutter from branch, and the one leading the chase had a certain tone, it was almost as if it was trying to say, hey back of mother f*cker im not in the mood to play your fucking mind games... what i heard though was, "thwee thwee thwee tiii!". and then the other bird would chase it to the next branch and let out an aggressive "SKWEEAKIIIIIIIEE TeeeTeeeTeeee TeetTeeTeeeeee!!!!" which i thought must mean "YO BITCH WHERE YO NEST AT?! I MEAN BUSINESS MOFUCKA. ILL CUT YA THROAT!"
    and this went on for like 5 minutes and i was sitting right below their branch just watching them. back and forth back and forth, little birds having an argument. like they had something to be angry about. like the defensive bird had done wrong to the offensive one, and now it was seeking vengaence. or maybe some birds just naturally like to start shit. weird concept.


  9. Glad I could help dude. I've been stoned a time or two ;)

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