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what am I not getting high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by haay, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Heeey everyone.
    so yesterday, I tried weed for the first time, used a pipe.
    the kind I bought was dark green, not bright at all, but had this strong, pine-like smell to it.
    well, from the pipe, i took about 6 hits, and twice I got the horrible burning in my throat tht made me cough alot lolol.
    but yeah, afterwards I ate a LOT, (3/4 a big bag of smartfood popcorn & a sponge cake from chinatown), and i got very nervous and anxious bcause there were so many cops walking/driving around :eek:
    and today I decided to do it again (same weed, but it was a joint this time lol), so I took about 8 hits from tht (not sure if I did it right, didnt hold them for too long) and then afterwards i was rlly not hungry, but i laughed a lot & i was very oblivious to the cold (went toboganning with just a tee shirt and still wasnt cold).

    what am i doing wrong ? :confused:
  2. Doesn't really sounds like you're doing anything wrong. The first few smokes are hit or miss, at least they were for me.
  3. Honestly the first 4 times I smoked was dank nug and I still didn't get blazed or high at all until the 5th time.
  4. Yeah your not really doing anything wrong. Personally i get the most cookin when i smoke out of a bowl instead of a joint or an L cuz i can usually take much bigger hits.
  5. Jus be sure you feel your lungs filling... If you do that and hold for a sec and exhale and smoke keeps comin out that means u done good... Don worry, u'll be high as fuck b4 long
  6. Smoke with a friend who smokes and they'll make sure you hit it right.
  7. [​IMG]

    *Click* *Inhale* *Suck in* *Blow out* *Cough* *Ahhhh*

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