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What am I going to do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 102273, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. haha, It's quiet funny actually.....I got caught smoking like 3 months ago and had to stop smoking...Well after 60 days of not smoking I was still failing a home drug test (It has to be because I was smoking everyday for like a year) I kept telling Mom and Dad that I hadn't smoked any and it has to be because THC stores in fat cells, I'm a bigger guy so I really think thats why it was taking so long.

    Well after I took my last drug test I was hoping I would pass it so I could tell em I'm never taking another one....Well I failed.......after 60 days of not smoking. I got so depressed and mad at the same time so I went to my bedroom an went to sleep....Woke up that night after they both had went to bed, got in my car, and picked up a dime.

    Smoked it, Got stoned as fuck, and I've been stoned as fuck since then and that's been 2 weeks ago lol.....Mom said she was buying another drug test to see if I'm clean or not....I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do when I fail it.

    I guess I'll just act suprised when it shows up I'm not clean. My mom is VERY nieve so I can get her to believe that I've not smoked...But I'm afraid me smoking is just going to add more and more months to get me I'll prolly be failing them for the next few months.

    Any ideas on what I could do? I was thinking buying some detox stuff from GNC.

    I'm 18 years old, but I live with my parents (I'm a senior, going to college next year) so I have to live by their rules haha.
  2. I would stop smoking and go to the doctor to see why its taking so long to get out of your system, your mom and dad will prob belive if they hear doctor say it. But other than that i guess you could fail this test and just keep failing them b/c it wont be like its the first time you failed the test haha. Or you could get a friends piss
  3. If you want to just pass the test for your parents' sake, I've heard adding like 2-3 drops of bleach to your urine will actually pass at-home drug tests.
    It's worth a try.

  4. I was really considering going to the doctor and finding out why it was taking so long to get it out of my sytem......They fo real might be something wrong with my metaoblism or some shit. I'll bring it up when I fail a drug test.

    and the thing about using a friends piss is I don't know when they are going to give it to me. Like I can be in my room and mom will yell for me to come to the living room...when I get there she hands me the cup.

    Oh...the joy of having parents who think weed is "Addictive Dope" lol
  5. thats prob b/c you didnt smoke alot before the time you smoked before the DT. If you smoke alot it stays in your system for awhile
  6. nah, if you chug a few bottles of watr before, then it will dilute your piss enough to make you pass.

    tests that you get for court and doctors things can see if the piss is diluted, so it wont work, but for at home tests, it works like a charm.
  7. I smoked everyday for as long as you, had to take a test and passed it about 35 days after, while still smoking twice during those 35 days. But that's because I have crazy fast metabolism.

    your a bigger guy, that's the biggest (no pun intended) hurdle. However, I did learn that regardless of your size it's really all about your diet. If you have 30 days, trying to do it the right way can't hurt.

    I've heard all about those detox things and putting bleach inyour stomach and making it come out red and all this stuff....but natural things work, too. Drink lots of green tea, and try to drink wine every day (hell, have it replace the weed, you get the same feeling - almost). Alchohol is key, and since you're already a bigger guy I wouldn't suggest beer. Besides red wine is rich in anti-oxidants (as is green tea) and helps flush your system out.

    Plus drink lots of water. No, I mean lots. Remember, I'm not fat, but I HAD been smoking for I had to act as if I was fat. When I mean lots of water i mean so much that you're pissing like one every 1 or two hours.

    Other than that, try to eat lots of protein rich foods. Think about it as the trick not so much clearing out the weed, but rather masking it and flushing it out with a new bloodstream of nutritiion.
  8. Thanks for the info man, + rep.....

    I have a question though, if I drank a protein shake everyday what would that do? Or drink a few a day...Would this help? Like a drink some protein shakes and a shit load of water?

    and I have another question, could I piss in the cup a little bit and add some water and yellow food coloring? Like 40% piss 60% water with a few drops of food coloring? Would that help me pass the test?
  9. The food colouring thing could help, simply because you are masking your urine, I suppose. But my worries with that is that the test may just come up faulty because of having random food colouring in there. But I've never looked into that sort of thing so I suppose it can't hurt. It works in much like those detox drinks work. they don't neccessarily 'clean you out' - instead they MASK the THC that's in your blood stream and the like.

    Drinking a protein shake would definately help. You're cleaning out your system and staring a new nutritional base. Plus work out a bit and you'll burn some of that fat and build some muscle at the same time.

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