what am i doingwrong?

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  1. my new seedling seems to be having some trouble, i think it might be the nutes in my soil im using scotts premium soil.

    can someone help me out please? thanks.

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  2. those circular leaves will die off anyways so no big deal. Looks fine so far. Don't water unti soil is completely dry.
  3. thank you for the help:) ill keep things updated.
  4. so this is day 2 from sprout and im still not sure but the yellowing has gotten better on one side but worse on the other.

    in just one day we had some significant leaf growth.

    i also just planted my mazar x afghan kush aka "Mazghan Kush", this morning at around 5:00am.

    oh and sorry about the little peice of string. i couldnt see it.

    id appreciate some help as this is my first attempt at growing.

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  5. i think they look fucked up beyond all recognition.

    haha, just kiddin'.

    they look fine.
  6. those leaves dry and die of anyway, it may be early but no prob i can see, although im no expert:smoke:
  7. alright well i guess ill keep this updated with pictures, i could use some useful knowledge along the way, so i can make a healthy plant :)
  8. When you transplant,mix vermiulite and/or perlite with your soil, it will be too dense without it, especially after a few waterings.
  9. well i think im going to transplant them to hydroponics on wednesday next week if thats safe, or should i keep them in soil??

  10. i dont know if you can switch from soil to hyrdo...

    that soil looks really bad.

    whatever you do, dont try and complete a grow in that soil. youll be punished for it badly.
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    i suppose ill order some fox farm ocean forest, i also ordered , thank you for letting me know :)TECHNAFLORA BC NUTRIENTS: Rootech Cloning Gel-7g; BC Grow-500ml; BC Boost-500ml; BC Bloom-500ml; Thrive Alive B1 Red-125ml; Thrive Alive B1 Green- 125ml; Awesome Blossoms-125ml; MagiCal-125ml; Sugar Daddy-250ml; ROOT66-250ml. Kit also includes the easy-to-use Recipe-for-Success Mixing Chart.

    i checked up on the lil one this morning after watering last night and there is some very noticeable growth, the leaves are looking a very nice green and alot of the brown tips are kind of being pushed off it seems :p hopefully were gonna be lookin at some severe growth soon. :)
    i will post pictures when i get back from pets smart! lol :p
  12. so instead of going to petsmart i might have found what i needed at lowes, i got some SPA ph up and down that seems works exactly the same using only Sodium Bisulfate, and Sodium Carbonate(what makes the ph fluxuate depending on which you use acidic or base) and a nice soil ph meter and aquacheck ph check strips(for when i get my hydroponics going.

    im not absolutely certain if the spa ph up and down will work if not ill just buy some from htgsupply.

    and also a picture update on the top44, so far its growing strong with a thick stem and is showing signs of growth, and i just watered, i also just ordered some fox farm ocean for the rest of my soil grows( i decided im doing a test of hydro compared to soil ).

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