What am i doing wrong

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  1. I just got this and this

    Now when i went to smoke i put the carbon filter and then the bowl that came with the bong on top of it. (btw i dont have carbon yet but fuck it)

    I filled up the water as high as it could go from the top to about right above the nautilus writing then took a hit.

    One of the harshest worst hits of my life, did i do something wrong or am i just a noob w bongs?
  2. I think you took too big of a hit?
  3. Somebody responded but deleted their post?

    But they said i filled it with too much water, ill retry tongiht than update.

    Btw is there any difference if i use the carbon filter adapter as basically a second screen because i dont have any carbon
  4. not sure why you would even use the CF adapter if you dont have any carbon in it...
  5. There's no point to a carbon filter if you don't have carbon. Either you're smoking some shwag or mids, you're a noob to bongs, or both. Hitting shwag/mids out of a bong isn't going to have the most pleasant taste, and it's probably gonna be pretty harsh. If you're smoking good, then you're just a noob to bongs.
  6. No point in the cf adapter, it's kinda like a backup screen. I that makes sense

    I have the bowl that came with and the carbon adapter which has a screen also, so I guess it makes no difference hitwise so it doesn't matter, but I'm hitting piff so I guess I'm just a noob :(
  7. Carbon filters are not screens, they're for filtering your smoke, it'll make the hit smoother and keep your bong/lungs cleaner. Without the carbon it's just basically an extension. But not putting carbon in it wouldn't give you a nasty hit, wouldn't make a difference at all. But too much water might make it a bit harsh
  8. Yea that's what I meant, as of right now the adapter is just an extension, but I got a screen in it also so I got a screen in the bowl and a screen in the adapter.

    Double screens ftw

    So I was told to fill the water up about a half inch, just at the slits?
  9. Btw if I go get some carbon from a pet store, that'll be fine right?

  10. Yup. Just rinse and dry your plain old fish tank carbon.
  11. Yes just fill the water above the slits on your downstem. Just a little above.

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