What am I doing wrong????

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    Heres the deal I am running Vanilla Kush, Ice Cream, Tangerine Dream , Sweet Tooth and Super Lemon Haze under 3x600=1800w MH/HPS lights. I have a total of 23 plants in 3 gallon grow bags. Half are in soil(75% Sunshine Advanced Mix #4,15% Fox Farm original planting mix and 10% perlite) and the other half are in CoCo. I have CO2 running at 1100 ppm and my atmosphere is 80deg, 50-60% humidity.
    Feeding Schedule:
    (starting water - 50-75ppm)
    8ml/gal Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow
    6ml/gal VooDoo Juice, B-52
    PH 6.3
    EC 1.8
    this last feed i added 5ml/gal MagiCal when i noticed the yellowing on the leaves but it doesnt seem to be improving.

    15ml/gal Hesi Coco
    6/ml gal VooDoo Juice, B-52
    PH 5.9
    E.C 1.1
    also added 10ml/gal Magical this last watering to 2 sweet tooths since these were more deficient than the soils.

    If anyone can point out wtf im doing wrong that would be great!!!

    soil grow 060.jpg
    soil grow 062.jpg
    soil grow 068.jpg
    soil grow 069.jpg

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  2. Try some Epsom Salts at 1/2 tsp/gal water.

  3. do i flush the plant with the epsom or just do a regular watering?
  4. Nope. No need to flush.
    Just the watering.

    I'll bet this time tomorrow,
    Youll see a marked change.

  5. cool thanks. i bought the epsom salt but i was just curious, wouldnt the cal-mag i am using do the same thing? do you think it actually is a cal/mag deficiency? or just mag def?? and will the epsom salt do the same for the coco? sorry for all the questions im jus trying to learn from my mistakes lol
  6. Im sure theres plenty of trace elements in your nutes
    that contain the Ca/Mg. The plant is having a hard time
    accessing them tho. The ES will help the plant calm down
    and start normal uptake. It even has trace Sulphur and
    Manganese. Same in soil as in coco - even in hydro.

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    thanks for the advice, gonna water them tonight with epsom..oh one more quick ques lol
    do i do this w/ or w/o nutes and is this a one time thing or every watering??
  8. Sorry. Without nutes.

    See how this one time treatment does.

  9. sweet- thanks a ton!
  10. Please keep us updated.

  11. my plants are looking like they perked up a bit and the leaves are starting to flatten back out after the epsom salt watering. thanks for the tip!
  12. They will get even better...


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