What am i doing wrong?

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    The tips of my leaves are curling down... What can be causing this?

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  2. need some info bro, you know the deal
    We need all the info on your grow including:

    What type of medium; soil or hydro?
    What brand and type of soil?
    Indoors or outdoors?
    What strain?
    How old are the plants?
    What type of lights and how many watts?
    How far from the lights?
    What is your watering frequency and source of water?
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK?
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro?
    What are the temps and humidity in the room?
    What size pots?
    Any bugs? Look real close.
    Any other pertinent info?
    pics with light off will help determine nute toxicity or other issues ;)
  3. Okay, well i can tell you im at about 86 degrees with the light on but thats a hell of a lot better than b4. Im using some random organic soil from Lowes hardware store. Someone recommended it because it didn't have many nutrients in it. I did that soil 2 parts to 1 part perlite. I messed up by using miracle grow perlite. But thats what its been in its whole life. The plant is 3.5 weeks into flower. It is a bag seed. The light is the 1200 watt Mars 2 LED. The nutes are fed at 1/2 strength now because the lowest recommended was burning this plant. Not my others just this one. The other is hydro. Back to the point though. I water 1x a week. I use tap water but i let it sit for 24 hrs with an air stone before i use it. I pH it and its at 6.0 when i use it. I ph after it sits out. Its in a 5 gallon lowes bucket and gets fed a half gallon of water and then when it soaks it up about 10 mins later i add 1 more half gallon.

    This plant went through some things but surprisingly did not herm on me... She is a survivor. Not newbie mistakes but i had to take her with me to work for an apartment inspection. She was in a foot locker. No light or air in 75 degree weather. She wilted but i got her back.

    I dont pH the runoff because i wasnt having a problem woth pH... I recently started pHing my water b4 i was boiling it to get all stuff out. And letting it sot in the air stone for oxygen then watering. But i recently started my hydro experiment so i had to invest in some pH stuff.

    I figured maybe it was a deficiency...

    Is that enough info? I cannot take a pic until i get off work later tonight because she is sleeping right nw.

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  4. i have some leafs that also loooks like that, i thought maybe nitrogen toxicity. Are the leaves very dark green?
    Ph for soil should be at 6.6.
  5. How long have you been feeding nutes? Regarding the
    Miricale grow perlite, is it possible that now tht you're feeding it nutes that it's too much mixed with the MG nutes ? Just a thought. Someone gave me a $50 amazon gift card for my bday and I got 2 bags of ffof, big ass bag of perlite(no nutes) and a brick of coco coir. $49.87. It was like it was meant to be lol.

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  6. Okay, i will change that! Would low pH cause that?

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  7. It is very possible. I cut the nites when i saw signs of burn on the tips of my leaves... Then this happens. I noticed it when i started to pH my water. It may have been too low. All before i was giving it tap water which is 7.8.... So i figured 6 was okay. Ill take it up on the next water. Im gonna chill on the nutes until that fixes... Then ill still use only 1/2 the recommended dose of 2-4 tsp / gallon. Ill use 1. Good idea or nah?

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  8. I would think so. Even 1/4 strength sometimes is best. I've never used that brand tho just fox farm and with ff it's pretty sensitive. Hope it helps! She looks lovely

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  9. Yea, i think ill try half a tsp!!!

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  10. Yea, i think ill try half a tsp!!! Thanx! Ill b watering on sunday

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  11. ye mate looks to be p.h get biobizz all mix for them age plants its a 6.5ph soil comes with pertile for better drainage and im not up todate with led im using hps and basically its drys soil out alot quicker so i can water when needed but good luck smoke up fellow stoner
  12. Thank you!

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  13. Soil... A lot of perlite already

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  14. The claw is typically a sign of nitrogen toxicity in my experience.
  15. Brown tips are a sign of nute burn.
  16. Boiling water removes pathogens and such, not dissolved solids. Unless your plants have diarrhea your wasting your time. It would actually concentrate the dissolved solids because your removing water through steam. Boil a small amount of your tap water in a pan until the water is gone, the white stuff left at the bottom is some of the dissolved solids. Grade school science class finally paid off. If you could boil the water, catch the steam and route it to a new container to cool back into a liquid, then you might have something. Or you could get a filter or go to Walgreen's and get reverse osmosis water jugs refilled for 9 cents a gallon. I refill two 5 gallon containers a week for 90 cents plus tax a week
  17. Okay, so ill get a better ph meter and do the 24 hrs with air to use.... I have to wait till i get paid.

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    Doing well

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