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  1. Ok guys, so I have been consistently pulling a qp off 8 plants under a 400w hps my last 3 grows. I have been flowering clones 2 weeks after rooting.
    I am using the General Organics line with a soil mix of 40% peat, 50% perlite, 10% EWC and a bit of Happy frog.

    My plants always look beautiful, besides being a bit of a stretchy sativaish pheno of g-13 cheese, just don't put off the weight that I desire.

    Is a qp from 8 rooted clones under a 400 a respectable number or am I doing things wrong?

    I have some extra cash at my disposal, around 800 bucks that I would be willing to drop on upgrades to up my production.

    I currently have at my disposal 1-400w dig ballast, 1-400w HPS bulb, 1-6in air cooled hood, 490 cfm fan, phresh filter and duct silencer, multiple circulation fans, 1-250 watt feliz blue cfl that I have been vegging under.
    I will be constructing a new space for both flowering and vegging. Current space is 4x4x7 in flowering room, and 2x4x3 in veg room.

    As I said, I am open on suggestions and dropping the coin, if it will up my dry weights. I would like to be pulling at least 1-2 lbs every 3 months. What is that going to take?

    Thanks in advance to any replies
  2. Personally a half oz per plant isn't worth the time.

    Why not grow 4 plants and LST them. You'll need get over a QP.
  3. Number one that is not enough light for eight plants. You have a couple of options with the materials you own. Put the 400w in your 4x4 and grow 4 nice tall ladies that will provide at least an ounce each. If you follow certain protocols which leads me to #2. You are flowering the plants too early. Wait at least until they are 18 inches in height. At that time you can clone them, fim them, or top them. If you do that wait seven to ten days after any cuts have been made to go to flower. You might want to look up in Google "lollypoping" or "fimming" or both. Your cfl sounds like it's enough to run a small vege tent. If not upgrade. You can even upgrade to a 600w or add another 400w to your 4x4 flowering area. I suggest looking up flowering to help you as to when to harvest. Also, there are some strains that yield more than others. Check that as well. Good luck!
  4. I agree add another 400 to flower or say f it and get a 1k and put the 400 in veg
  5. That is another great idea..... Just make sure the fixture you get is air cooled like a cool tube.
  6. man with 800 bucks grab 2x 600 WATT switchable ballast and get some MH bulbs.. put a 600 MH in veg and a 600 MH and the 400HPS in flower.. you still still have around 400 left for another exhaust fan and any other lil things you might need like some side light or whatnot.. just my opinion..
  7. How many oz is qp u want at least ten oz

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  8. If I had my way with your grow, i'd grab a switchable 600w split the grow into a veg room flower room, veg them for at least 30 days, pick a strain known for yield, and top them toward the end of the 30 day veg. I think that will have a big impact on your yield
  9. any form of training will be beneficial, also i'd reduce the number of plants, i'd go with 4 big plants vs 8 smaller plants
  10. with 800 buck, i would totally change to from soil to HYDROPONICS..
    buy a 4x4 kit flood and drain table with full hydroton.. and with only a 400watt in this you can get close to a pound if you really really really have everything else. i mean ph, nutes, air flow, temp etc youno

    GO HYDROPONICS MAN WITH 800 buck, it will remain about 300 to buy another light up to your choice maybe a 600 for the 4x4 tray hydroponics, and the 400 you lready own for your veg room..

    hydroponics you will yield at least the double, even the triple easyly than in soil
  11. Dude fuck the dumb shit virtuial sun 1000w ballasts hangers bulbs whole nine yrds. I bought three in a package deal 900.00 no brainer. i currently am running one 1000 w on 240volts cheap and will produce for ya

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