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What am I doing wrong? I can't get high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IDunnoWhatToUse, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. So the first time I smoked, I took three hits off of a glass pipe of some mids with a few friends of some friends. I hated the taste of the weed so I don't think I inhaled right the first two times but I know I did on the third time for sure.
    Today, my friend and I bought some dank weed. The dealer is a friend of theirs so we were sure it was legit. I used a homemade piece, made out of really thick plastic and all the rest was metal. I don't want to go out and spend money on a piece if I don't like weed or if I just can't get high. So anyways I made a bong with a slide and I took about three hits off of that. I didn't really get any smoke from the first but the second I blew out a bunch of smoke. My friend (who knew nothing about smoking weed or the bong) got high and they could tell. They said they felt really happy and weren't worried about anything for once. They got kinda sleepy after a little while. I took another hit after they did and still didn't feel anything. We felt like someone saw us so i got sorta paranoid. Yes I am 18, I live with my parents so I can't just smoke in my room, I respect them.
    I hated the taste of the weed though. A lot of people talk about how they love the smell and the taste of it but I just think it tastes gross. What am I doing wrong? I saved a nug of the weed just so I can try again and just gave the rest to my friend. Its for sure good weed though. I see some purple in it and it has red hairs all over it. It's pretty strong smelling too but I don't see too many crystals. I'll try and post a picture of it later.
    Could you guys give me any tips? What do I do about the taste?
  2. Weed is the most delicious tasting, best smelling substance on earth. You either dont know how to inhale but my guess is your probably 13-14
  3. just forget the taste its like taking shots of alcohol at first, you dont like emmmm,but youll be fine and just think about getting the smoke to ur lungs and youll get high for sure
  4. i always loved the taste of weed....never heard of anyone who didnt like it. very strange. but ya just make sure that smoke is getting all the way into your lungs not just holding it in your mouth

  5. Just because I don't like the taste of it doesn't mean I'm a kid. It's just not a taste I like. Chill bro.

  6. Haha maybe I'm just weird then haha. But I do make sure I get it in my lungs because I breathe in after I take a hit.
  7. keep trying. it takes some people multiple attempts to get high.
  8. Bad tasting weed could be a lot of things... poor drying/curing, lack of nutrients, mold...
    These things could make even dank taste like crap.

    Try different strains or try hash, maybe.
  9. #9 Magical Wizard, Aug 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2012
    Hahaha I find this sort of funny.

    You probably are not inhaling enough smoke, get someone who knows how to roll and ask them to roll a joint or a blunt for you if you can't already roll yourself. Or just buy a piece there are spoons for really cheap and if you can't afford that maybe you shouldn't be wasting money on weed.

    But after a pearled blunt or J, or a few hits off the bowl you will be baked as fuck since you're a new smoker.

    If you really can't get a blunt, joint or bowl than make some edibles. They are not that difficult, you could make a good firecracker with your nug. ANd if you ever get the hook up on a quarter O or a half make some cannaoil you will save lots of money because it last longer. The high is about 6 hours at the same intensity as when you are smoking.

    BTW I love the taste, smell, look and basically everything about weed, I have no clue what the fuck you guys are talking about, the smoke doesn't bad unless its a blunt.

    EDIT: BTW I didn't get high the first time I smoked, I've heard of this happening to other people too. But that's just becaue they are new and they are doing it wrong

  10. I used to think it smelled terrible too, haha, I did get high though. Once you smoke for a while, you start to love it, it's an "acquired taste".
  11. Chew a piece of gum while you smoke if you dont like the taste
  12. or it could mean he is a noob and just doesnt like the tasted of bud.
  13. As always...

    1.) The taste is probably cause you're not used to it, and it's a lot harsher with a pipe
    2.) Just keep smoking you'll feel it soon enough, takes a few times to get it right
    3.) INHALE.

  14. Initially I didn't like the smell or taste either, but after you've gotten high a few times you'll notice a Pavlovian response when you smell it and you'll quickly learn to appreciate it.
  15. Weed is awesome man. I love the taste, smell, look, and everything about it. But you have to get a taste for the weed, because people who first start smoking don't usually like the aroma. Try smoking out of a bong man, you'll get high as shit. Put some ice in there so it'll cool it down too(if possible)
  16. To make sure u inhale correctly. breath in and then breath in more regular air with it to make sure it reaches deep in your lungs. and hold for 3-5 seconds.
  17. I can not not get high.

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