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  1. During Veg I have been feeding my plants Miracle Gro Houseplant Food because it's a cheap bagseed grow, N-P-K is 8-7-6. I would feed once a week at half strength and now I feed every other week at full strength and in other-other weeks I feed Miracle Gro Organic Choice All Purpose Plant Food 8-0-0 to promote foliage if the plant looks slim. Now that I am entering flowering I am going to use Expert Gardens All Purpose Plant Food Water Soluble which is 15-30-15.

    Again I know these aren't big MJ grow favorites, but I don't think they will harm me (unless you know something I don't). My question is do you all ever add anything in when you feed nutes or any other days because I have heard of people adding molasses and I'm not sure if I should mix it and my Plant Food all together or feed on different days or if I should only use one or the other?
  2. You can add blackstrap molasses to a fertilizer solution without problems. It all mixes in the soil anyway. I know that you know you're not using the best ferts, but it really should be mentioned that you'd get much better results if you switched to a nice organic fertilizer instead of adding stuff to the chemicals you're currently using. The main problems with Miracle Gro aren't that it'll hurt you, but that it hurts the plants.
  3. I use grannys mollasses with my waterings during flower. I dont know how much it helps, but it doesnt hurt.

    I feed every other watering, and mix mollasses with watering and feeding every week.
  4. So it wouldn't hurt to mix my nutes/molasses in the same watering can?

  5. Yea, thats fine.
  6. Nope, it wont hurt at all. I recommend it. Just heat a cup if water and mix the molasses in the warm water, then dump that in your watering can with the rest of your nutes. The molasses won't dissolve well enough into cold water. You can check out my grow log to see some plants that have been fed with molasses and nutes regularly. Camo pots w/MjMama in the outdoor grow logs.
  7. Thanks everyone

    Can I get the type of molasses I need at a grocery store?
  8. Also I didn't want to start a new thread just for this, but if I fed it the Organic All Purpose Food that's rated 8-0-0 do I still need to wait the full week before starting my MJ on their bloom feed (15-30-15)?
  9. [quote name='"kcsov6"']Thanks everyone

    Can I get the type of molasses I need at a grocery store?[/quote]

    Yes just as long as it is unsulphered.
  10. Lol the tears from my former dealer

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