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What air freshener do you guys use to keep your house smelling fresh after your smoke break?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MR. HICKMAN, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. What scents do you guys use to refreshing your homes? I find it really enjoyable to smoke to a clean refreshed room.
  2. I do not use any scents, but If i cared about the smell I would just go get a bottle of febreeze, the stuff really works well.
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  3. yeah same im always tokin so i dont worry about it . but febreeze is the way to go

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  4. I don't use anything but I was hanging out with my buddy this weekend and he showed me some stuff called "Zep".

    its an aerosol can that you spray around and it DESTROYS odor completely. He uses it because hes constantly smoking and dabbing in his car.

    What amazed me the most was he was smoking a cigarette, he sprayed it and for the rest of the time he was smoking the cigarette I couldn't smell it at all. We were sitting next to each other.

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    I love to use wax cubes. They have a lot of different fragrances on the market today. this will always keep my home smelling fresh. I find that glade spray works for about an hour or two. but not as long as the wax cubes placed on a warmer.
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  6. Sounds like an awesome product if you want to clear the smoke out. I guess i am wanting a fresh smell to my home.
  7. This stuff smells a little citrusy. The way I would describe it is a mild smell like someone just cleaned the bathroom or kitchen.
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  8. Ozium

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  9. Yeah I agree that the Glade Wax Melts work very well and have lots of different scents, keep one in your room and one or two others around the house and your whole place should smell great
  10. Always febreze. I currently have 6 different scents of febreze. My friend, who also smokes and uses febreze a fuck ton, has like 10. Sometimes I'll use ozium if I need the smell gone instantly. But since that smells like shit, I spray febreze aftetwards.

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  11. Go to bath and body works. Get a candle called mahagonay teak wood. Burn it. Message me later thanking me on how I changed your life.

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