What air cool'd hood for 600 watt hps bulb

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  1. Hello i am upgrading my room and would like to know what 's a good hood choice there are so many my room is a 11 wide x 8 ft deep i was only going to use a 8x8 space with 4 600's total i have 2 already so question is

    yield master classic's? supreme's ? or xtrasun ? all air cool'd 6'' with glass
    I think there is a cool sun as well that looks good they are only 600 watt bulbs im sure a raptor is a bit much for little bulb maybe a xxl or what ever please help i basically want an all around best bang for buck something that work's i don't need hype product's meaning o the big hood xxxxxxxxxxxxxllll yeea i bet if there was the raptor 6 ft hood people would buy it up ha ha
    Please GC get back to me im going to buy today after a bit of feed back
  2. O yea a must is pebble finish on inside so day star and hydrofarm shit outa question there all flat i don't like that
  3. If you've already got that much light, just think about how you're gonna arrange em to get the most coverage over the room. Do you wanna have a while bunch of light spread out for lots and lots of plants in a huge room? Or do you want a smaller area with more intense light?

    Right now I'm flowering in a 6ftx8ft area with a 600w on each side, a 1000w in the middle, and a 400w kind of hanging on the edge where I shove the new plants as they get ready to flower, rotating them around as they get closer to being ready and as ones come out.

    It's a shit ton of light, and to be honest, I think at a certain point, trying to get more out of the reflector is just a little much. If you want a shit ton of light, you've already got it. Just decide how much you want it to cover and how far away you want it to be and just find the best reflector for that purpose.

    For the records, my 2 600s and the 400 are all in cooltubes, the 1000w is in some kinda big monster reflector like 3 times the size of the cool tube or more.

    Also, why care about the pebble finish?
  4. I believe the pebble has something to with dispersing the light and minimizing hot spot's
    correct me if im wrong
  5. Ok 11x 8 is entire room will light up a 8x8 area with 4 600's not really into cool tube's but i guess i will b buying some plane jane xtra sun 6'' air cool'd cheeps't there is with glass i just thought i could get feed back on a solid hood out there in the market that will house a 600 perfectly and work well good spread wile optimizing the 600 watt bulb So a plane jane hood witch would b ? classic,supreme ,xtra sun, cool sun ect ect
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    Powerplant Aircooled Aerowing hood look them up, solid build better sealed than other units, bulb can be positioned in 4 different slots i think?(so its not just stuck at the end of the hood and the holder runs back a little more into the ducting. Much easier to use and set up than others

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