what age does it get weird to be single?

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  1. i just turned 26 and haven't ever had a long term relationship (i'm a guy). havne't really worried about it but kind of starting to think what if i'm still single at 27, 28, 29, 30 etc.

    I know a few guys my age that are married have kids etc lol. also i'm going to be a student at probably till i'm 30..... cus i'm planning on goign ot law school in a year.

    thing is I don't really look for a girlfriend to try to find one I just think if it happens it'll happen and that probably means i'll be single for a long time unless I somehow meet a girl that I like and likes me.

    should I be worried, does it matter?
  2. Honestly when it just happens that's usually the one you will be with for a long time. But if you go looking it might just be a short relationship? Idk man it's up to you if you need a girl in your life then you need one if not dont force it
  3. I feel like i'm getting to old to just date some girl because I think she is cute or hot or whatever. relationships take up a lot of your time, and I feel like I should only date a girl that I can see myself being with in the lonig term. so far i've met no girl that meets this criteria and I think what if I never do.

    is it better to just lower your standards and date some girl just to be in a relationship and not be single.

    I know most people would say no you shouldn't

    also I have pretty strict criteria about what girl i want to date which doesn't help me much.
  4. There is no age. There are tons of single people of all ages. Just say you've been working on your education or career or whatever you've been doing instead of being in relationships. lol
  5. I know. there are single people in their 60s lol but I don't want to end up being a single guy in his 50s trying to pick up grandmas.

    also I think the older you get the harder it will be to get women you want. like if you are in your 30s it might be harder to date girls in their 20s that are still in college. and the girls that are in their late 20s and single are going to be rare.
  6. I was at a hospital over the summer, not for surgery, but working with the doctors (observing operations and clinic, etc). For people that go straight through high school, college and med school will be about 26 if they don't take any time off at all. And after that, Dr's go into a multi-year residency program, where they work under the supervision of a board-certified Dr to get specialty training.

    I met a number of people in the middle of their residency program, where they are about 30, depending how long they have been studying. What I noticed is that almost all of them were engaged/married. It seems like long term relationships should occur around then, at least in a medical field. It seemed strange, as my longest relationship was 3 months. On the other hand, the chief resident, who helped with more surgeries and was by far the most experienced, was single.

    As far as medical and legal professions go, I can't compare, but I reckon it is the norm for your age to be married, or at least in a steady relationship, but studying hard is a longer time commitment, delaying relationships.

    I guess just do what you need to do to succeed at the cost of finding someone, as your job, your life's work, may suffer if it is secondary?

  7. Just become rich then. Problem solved.
  8. yeah. fuck this shit. im going to get married.
  9. Best decision I ever made.....after my first marriage.
  10. At least around here that's so.
    I'm 35, and I just got finished going back to college after ten years in the military. I was on campus from 33 to 35, and I never dated. The only females on campus in my circles were already engaged by 23-24, and I wasn't going to chase freshmen around, I'm not a dirty old man. They'd be fun to play with, but I'm not a casual sex man.

    But it is true that as you get older the more the prospective pool thins out. In my area the only thirtysomethings all have kids or can hear their biological clock ticking. Most are divorced like I am, but they are really bitter and have more issues than Times magazine, let alone more issues than I do :D

    so yeah, at my age the only way to find a halfway sane woman who's single and not disease-ridden or has eight kids by as many men is to look overseas. I've been told Ukrainian girls make good wives, are not afraid to input their opinion but don't expect a man to obsess over them or give them everything their heart desires the way American women do, and are actually willing to make a relationship work instead of throwing it away over petty shit the way American women do.

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