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what age did you start smoking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HashPipe, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. At what age did you start smoking weed? I wasnt introduced to it until i was 17. After that ive been smokin plenty. Im 19 now. how bout you?
  2. My first time was when I was 12...I didnt start really smoking it tho till 14.
  3. um...round 11ish i think
  4. My first time was when I was 15, I've been toking regularily since I was 16.
  5. December 23rd, 2002. I was 17. I'm so happy I remembered the date so I can have an anniversary. hooray
  6. 16... and this has been done to deeeeeeeath
  7. i started in 8th grade so i guess i was like 14...ever since has been the best days of my life
  8. ive been smoking since 8th i was 14 i guess
  9. i started around my 7th grade summer so i think i musta been like 12 or so possibly older i dont have a clue but i didnt get high till i was around 14 or 15 and then it was the saime for me i i got high and i knew thats where i wanted to be from now till dooms-day ;-)
  10. i cant remember for some odd reason
  11. 20 or 21....waited 'till I'd finished my swimming career
  12. I first did it when I was about 10 with my brother. But I didn't regularly smoke until I was about 14.
  13. First time i was introduced to weed was when i was 10, i remember the night like it was yesterday. I didnt really start smoking daily though until i was 16. Im 21 now and i smoke multiple times a day every day, im even smoking a blunt as we speak, as of 7:06pm ive had 2 blunts and 3 bowls, thats a typical smokin day for me now....sometimes i think bout quitin but i never can seem to get away from the weed, everywhere i go its there so i guess i might as well enjoy it while im still young.

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